Blackberry 10

Does the Blackberry Passport have a future?

Blackberry Passport

Episode 1374

Brian from Orange County, CA

Brian picked up the new Blackberry Passport Silver Edition off eBay and he loves it. He says the speakers are great and the keyboard allows him to scroll. Leo says it's a great phone. He can even (sort of) run Android APKs. Leo's fears though is that being that it's Blackberry 10, there will be no more updates for it, since Blackberry has moved to Android. It also has little ecosystem other than a few sparse Android apps that had been ported over.

Is the Blackberry 10 worth waiting for?

Episode 919

Austin from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says no. He's not even sure that Blackberry/RIM will be around long enough to even build it. RIM is going down and they're really on the clock for shutting down. If a keyboard is important, there are some good Android options out there with a sliding keyboard. But Leo recommends looking at the Samsung Galaxy SIII and get used to the virtual keyboard. It's large enough in size to get used to. Or perhaps the Galaxy Note 2.