Can I Make Money Out of Crypto Mining?


Episode 1797

David from Culver City, CA

David is looking to get into cryto currency mining. Leo says that it's largely not economical to mine bitcoin because of the amount of electricity you need at this point. But other currencies like Helium, Dogecoin, and Etherium are more economical. It also costs to get into it, because you have to invest in the equipment. So don't expect to get rich off it. At least not in the short term. Don't think you can get rich quickly. But then again, nobody thought that Bitcoin was going to be as huge as it is.

Are Bitcoin ATMs Secure?

Bitcoin ATM

Episode 1773

Jim from Sioux Falls, SD

Jim saw a bitcoin ATM machine at the mall. What is it? Leo says that you give it cash, and it then generates a bitcoin and transfers it to your digital wallet or using an app like Coinbase. Or you can give it your bitcoin wallet ID, and it would then transfer it to that account. But Leo doesn't really trust them because you're giving it literal cash, and trusting it puts the equivalent in bitcoin into your account. 

Crypto Currency Continues to Rise in Value


Episode 1773

CryptoCurrency continues to rise in value as more people seek to acquire it and use it to pay for goods and services. Currently, BitCoin's value is over $55,000 as of 2/21. Leo says that bitcoin miners will only be able to generate 21 million bitcoin before it comes to an end as far as BitCoin is concerned. And the closer users get to that amount, the harder it will be to mine bitcoin, which is achieved by solving complicated mathematical problems. But that isn't stopping bitcoin miners from trying.

Prolific Digital Criminal Joker's Stash Retires

Joker's Stash

Episode 1771

One of the most prolific digital criminals has retired. Darknet crime lord Joker's Stash has decided to cash in his chips and close down his site that infamously posted millions of credit card numbers and bilked users out of billions in bitcoin. The move angered many other criminals who still have credit on the site to spend, once again proving there is no honor among thieves. 

Has my Bitcoin wallet been hacked?


Episode 1453

Mike from Bakersfield, CA

Mike's Coinbase Bitcoin wallet has a corrupted IP address to it and he's worried his wallet has been hacked. Leo says he can't have two IP addresses on an account. Leo says that the ISP may be at fault here and Mike should log into his Coinbase wallet and make a screenshot of the error messages. Then he should contact his ISP and show them the evidence. They need to fix it. Leo also says he should change his Coinbase password just in case. It's possible something nefarious is afoot.

What is Bitcoin?


Episode 1450

George from Santa Monica, CA

George keeps hearing about BitCoin and how much the price keeps going up. What gives it that value? Leo says nothing but sheer belief. BitCoin is crypto currency, which are essentially digital dollars that don't exist outside of a computer. You can't really take it and spend it at the local store unless the store takes it. But even a dollar bill isn't really anything but a fiat currency that the government says it's worth. The value of a dollar, or any other currency, changes all the time. It's fluid. So BitCoin is just an extreme version of that.

What do you think about Crypto Currency?


Episode 1451

Elia from Santa Monica, CA

Elia wants to know what Leo thinks about online currency, or crypto currency. Leo says to understand crypto currency, you have to understand how monetary systems work. Paper money represents the value it carries, but it isn't gold. It's called a "fiat currency." In the case of our dollar, it's backed by the government. But currencies don't have to be official government currency. "Disney Dollars" are currency at Disneyland.