How can I make my batteries last longer?


Episode 1022

John from Encinitas, CA

John wants to know how to properly take care of his batteries. There's a huge variety of advice about Lithium-ion batteries, but Leo says there's just a few things to keep in mind for extending the life of a battery. First, keep it charged. A Lithium-ion battery has about 500 recharge cycles in it. By keeping it charged and plugged in more often, it won't discharge and use up a cycle. He doesn't have to worry about overcharging either, because there's circuitry that prevents it from charging once it's fully charged. Secondly, if he's storing it long-term, he should keep it at 50% capacity.

Could I use a cheap tablet for a camera?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1011

Jim from Woodland Hills, CA

Leo says that while most cameras have rechargable batteries these days, cameras that have disposable batteries are an advantage because he could get the batteries anywhere. It would be great for traveling. He can get rechargeable AAs, but he would need to get the high milliamp batteries for them to last. Eneloop Rechargeables by Sanyo are really good.

Why won't my laptop battery hold a charge?

Episode 1005

Tim from San Diego, Ca

Tim's battery will not charge on his Asus laptop, which is about 3 years old. In fact, a new battery just drains as well. Leo says that after three years, it could just be a depleted battery. After about 500 times, a battery just will not charge. But if the battery has been replaced and it still won't charge, it's probably not the battery. It could be the AC adapter. It also may be an an internal issue and chances are, that's more expensive to fix than to just replace the laptop.

What's the benefit of an extra cell phone battery vs. external battery cases?

Mophie Juice Pack

Episode 962

Colin from Huntington Beach, CA

Colin says one way Leo can save money on cell phone batteries is to buy an external battery. Leo says that he has plenty of external battery cases, but he still has to carry them around. He prefers the extra battery because it fits in his pocket. Leo does like the Mophie Juice Pack Air case, which puts the battery inside the case. He also says that Samsung has killed the myth that Apple doesn't let the battery be removable for the reason of keeping the phone slim.

Is there a laptop that would run off 12v power?

Episode 925

Steve from Twenty Nine Palms, CA

Steve has solar power and batteries that power his home, and needs a laptop that could work with this. Laptops are ideal because the battery will charge off the 12v and then provide the proper 120v to the computer. The laptop runs off the battery all the time, and the AC charges the battery. So the laptop battery would be the intermediary and there shouldn't be an issue.