backup and recovery

Why is my computer taking so long to open a file?

Episode 1004

Geri from Riverside, CA

Geri's computer is taking forever to open files. She's thinking that she has to reinstall Windows to get it running right. Leo says that may be the best option as the hard drive may be hard to read in the current configuration. Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows will get it back to it's clean and tidy condition. She should back up her data first, though.

She can run the Windows Install and choose the "repair" option first. If that doesn't work, then it may require a reinstall of Windows. She may want to get a new hard drive as well.

How can I fix my hard drive partition?

Episode 1000

Sam from Edmonton, Canada

Sam repartitioned his hard drive and now he's having problems with it. Leo says that partitioning is no longer necessary with today's modern hard drives. Sam has an issue that his partition isn't large enough now, though.

Leo advises repartitioning the drive to a single partition, then restoring Windows from the hidden recovery partition. Sam can do both from the install option. The key is to not delete the hidden partition. A third party option for this is EaseUS.

What backup software should I use?

Episode 994

Trevor from Vancouver, BC CAN

Trevor has 3.5 TB of data, mostly videos, that he needs to backup. He currently backs up to his Drobo FS. Leo says that the Drobo is a good option, and it can hold a lot of data.

However, Trevor has been using Time Machine, and it just frequently fails. Leo says Time Machine is for beginners, and is not very robust. For a power user like Trevor, Leo recommends ChronoSync.

How can I get my journal back?

Episode 993

Barbara from Los Angeles, CA

Barbara had a loved one who was in the hospital and she would use her computer to write his journal with Microsoft Works. Now all the data is gone and she's very upset. She was able to retrieve it up to 2011. Leo says there has to be multiple backups of the document and if she found one, there could be another. This is the reason why it's vital to backup. It may be gone forever, sadly.

Why won't Acronis True Image see my laptop's internal drive?

Episode 988

Steve from Mill Valley, CA

Steve bought a new Acer computer and wanted to image it. His backup program Acronis True Image would see his backup drive, but not his internal laptop drive. He disabled "secure boot" and did a "legacy boot" but none of that helped. Leo says that's only for the bootable operating system. Leo suspects the reason the Acronis disk may not have worked is because it wasn't compatible with Windows 8. Steve says it didn't work with Windows 7 though, either.

What happened to system restore discs?

Episode 980

Shrin from Phoenix, AZ

Shrin was looking to buy a laptop but discovered that they no longer offer recovery discs. Leo says that's true and he recommends not buying a laptop without a recovery option. It either has to come with recovery discs or give him a way to make them himself. Windows 8 has a great restore feature, but Leo says he shouldn't just rely on that because what if the hard drive dies? He needs to make sure he has an external recovery option.

How can I backup my applications off site?

Episode 968

Bill from Sherman Oaks, CA

Bill wants to know about how to backup applications when he does his off site backup. Leo says that he wouldn't backup apps when doing these backups. Only the data itself. Bill can always reinstall the software. He'll want to backup any serial or key numbers, but backups are largely just data, especially when sending it off site via something like Carbonite.