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What 40" TV is best for displaying photos with accurate color reproduction?

Vizio E-Series 42" TV

Episode 1171

Tim from La Crescenta, CA

Tim wants to know what 40" TV is best for color reproduction with photography. Leo says that the Sony Grand Vega was the top of the line back in the analog days. Leo says that he'd go bigger if he can. Bigger is always more immersive and more realistic. But in the 40" range, he can get one for under $300.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 926

Mike has a Sony 32" HDTV that's five years old, and needs to upgrade. He's sitting about 14' away, and wants to watch movies and do some gaming. Scott says he needs to have a larger TV at that distance. Leo says he'll want a bigger screen than he thinks for what Scott calls "immersion." As such, at 14' away, the optimum is about 90", which is not in Mike's sub $700 price range. So he should get the biggest he can afford.