autonomous driving

Is Tesla's autopilot feature safe?

Tesla Autopilot

Episode 1301

Bill from Glendora, CA

Bill has a Tesla with the autonomous driving feature and he likes it a lot, but sometimes it can "misbehave." It won't change lanes unless he uses the turn signal to do so. It really does its job though, when in stop and go traffic. Leo says that is part of adaptive cruise control and it's great. Bill feels safe using the autonomous features. Leo says that even so, it's important to treat it as a driver assist and pay close attention to how it operates so he can take action should he need to.

Is autonomous driving inevitable?

Episode 1252

Steve from San Marcos, CA

Steve calls in to says that autonomous vehicles, and even semis, are licensed in Nevada. Leo says that Nevada wants to be on the forefront on this. Leo suspects they will be widespread in big cities, but California seems to be pushing back on the trend. Leo says it's going to happen sooner or later. People are terrified of it, even though it has a spotless record. Google has been doing it for years with no accidents. But with more than 1 1/2% of people making a living driving, there will be a lot of people looking for work. Leo says that Uber will go automated soon too.

Autonomous Driving is already here!

Episode 973

Dan from Tulsa, OK

Dan says that today's modern semis have autonomous driving technology already, including braking when too close, correction for drifting, etc. Leo wonders if that's insulting to a professional driver, but Dan says not at all, and he loves it. Leo says that when a machine is designed and tested properly, it can function better than humans. We see it in airlines all the time as the planes are being landed by auto pilot. So it's coming to the roads now, and he thinks it's great.