Is there any single service for all of my entertainment content?

Episode 1050

Mike from Detroit, MI

Mike wants to know if there is any one service that can offer all his entertainment needs: music, movies, tv shows, eBooks, audio books, etc. Leo says that Apple and Amazon would probably be the closest, but the entertainment world is pretty fragmented between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Audible, and others. Leo says that people are basically used to the idea of paying several smaller fees a month instead of one large cable bill. The irony is, people aren't really saving anything, which was the main force driving cord cutting.

How could I control and watch TV with someone remotely over the internet?

Episode 979

Matt from San Diego, CA

Matt's father has recently suffered a stroke and he lives across the country. He's concerned about his father's mental stimulation since he was once an avid reader. Leo says that audio books are ideal for that kind of situation. Leo bought his mother a huge iPod classic and an account on Audible to load the books on.

How can I save app data from Audible to my Android phone's SD card? (Part 1)


Episode 897

Paul from Essex, England

Some apps can save data to the SD card and some can't. It has to be built into the app in order to do it, but most apps don't have that capability. According to the chatroom there are ways to move apps, but Leo doesn't recommend it because that doesn't solve the issue of where the data goes.

Doctor Mom says that she can do this with her Galaxy S III. She copied her audio books to her SD card and Audible automatically saw it. It can't be done within the app, and he would have to create an Audible folder, but it's doable. He should just use the same nomenclature.