How Can I Overdub Using Audacity?


Episode 1752

Tim from Palatka, FL

Tim runs a low powered radio station. He's been using Audacity to edit his audio, but recently, it has stopped resetting to the beginning when stopping recording. Now it creates a new track, and that prevents him from overdubbing as he had been in the past. Leo says there's likely a setting in Audacity that will disable the change. He's going to have to use a second, separate track and then position them to overlap. But Tim has problems with that since he's visually impaired. Shift+R can create a new track and then use the cursor keys to move along the track.

Why am I getting a hum in my recordings with Audacity?


Episode 1393

Micah from Maine

Micah uses Audacity and he gets an intermittent hum on his microphone. Leo says that the mic Micah uses is USB and so a hum can't really find its way into the chain because the power is coming from the laptop, not an analog phantom power source. It could mean that the Digital to Audio converter is going bad, but if there's no analog loop, then there can't be a hum. So it must be software.

Can I record and edit audio with a Chromebook?

Episode 1368

Greg from Van Nuys, CA

Greg wants to know if he can use a Chromebook to record and edit audio recordings. Leo says that newer ChromeBooks support the use of Android apps from the Play Store and that would give you access to audio recording apps. There's also multiple cloud-based audio editors where you save in the cloud and edit through the Chrome browser. Here's good list here. Soundcloud. Twisted Wave.

Should I look into a better audio editing program than Audacity for audio capture?


Episode 909

Rob from Tarzana, CA

Leo says that Audacity is open source and works great, but it can be buggy. Cool Edit was the ideal open source option, but Adobe bought it and turned it into Audition. It is now the champagne of audio editing programs, but it's also hundreds of dollars. Unless he has a lot of problems with Audacity, Leo recommends just sticking with that.