Is it a good idea to switch from AT&T to Sprint?

Episode 972

Tom from Redondo Beach, CA

Tom wants to switch from AT&T to Sprint for LTE. Leo says that depending on how good the coverage is, Sprint LTE is a great option because it's unlimited. Sprint is being very aggressive in competing with both AT&T and Verizon. Tom is thinking about getting a cheap tablet from AT&T, then cancel it to go to Sprint. It'll cost him less and he'll get a new phone and a tablet, plus make $25. Leo says to read the fine print on that, though.

What's the best cellphone carrier?

Episode 969

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike wants to talk about carriers. He has a great plan but it's pre-data. So he's looking to get a new smarpthone and knows his old plan will be replaced. It seems a good time to consider other carriers. He has the choice of Verizon and AT&T. He could go to Straight Talk via Walmart. Leo says it's a pretty good deal, but it's just reselling service (called an MVNO). He would get his choice of either, so Leo says to choose the one that works best.

Why am I having problems with my DSL connection?

Episode 955

Jose from California

Leo says to first make sure all the filters are installed. If that isn't the issue, then it may be the wiring in the house. The lines could have noise. The phone companies hate DSL Extreme because they are forced to work with them. So they'll likely blame DSL Extreme, even if it's actually the phone company's fault. If it's anything outside the house, it's AT&Ts problem and by law, they have to fix it.

What smartphone and phone carrier should I get?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 954

Cathy from Long Beach, CA

Cathy has to get a new phone and wants to change to something else from Sprint. She has ruled out AT&T and Verizon, so that leaves T-Mobile. It doesn't have the iPhone yet, though. The real problem could be coverage. Softbank just bought Sprint, so they may improve over time. Leo thinks T-Mobile is the best bet for Cathy and recommends the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Note 2.

Is Sprint's unlimited data plan a good idea?

Episode 938

Carlos from West Covina, CA

Carlos' contract is up and he's thinking of getting Sprint because they have unlimited data plans. Leo says the reason why Sprint has an unlimited data plan is that it's a crappy network. There's talk they're bringing more LTE 4G coverage, it may be worth it, but their WiMax 4G is terrible and 3G is slower now. AT&T is consistently rated the fastest, and since Carlos is with AT&T, it may be a good idea to just stick with them. They're certainly no worse than any other carrier.

How can I get notified on my iPhone of new voicemails on my standalone voicemail service? (Part 2)

VM Viewer

Episode 910

Steve from Hollywood, CA

Steve's wife has a standalone voicemail service that would page her Blackberry whenever she'd get a new message. Now that she's switched to an iPhone, that doesn't work anymore.

Leo recommends using Google Voice. She can port her number to it, and Google Voice will send her a text and transcript of the message. The chatroom also says there's an AT&T app on the iPhone called VM Viewer that can do this too.

Why has my AT&T reception been decreasing over the past couple months?

Episode 903

Alex from Mission Viejo, CA

Alex uses an iPhone 4 on AT&T and over the past couple of months, his reception has gotten so bad it doesn't work where he lives anymore. AT&T sold him a MicroCell to boost his signal but that doesn't help him when he leaves his house. Leo suggests asking people in his area what they use for their carrier, and maybe he could switch to something else.

Why does Outlook not download my mail from AT&T after the power outage we had? (Part 1)

Episode 889

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul had a power outage and now his AT&T Uverse internet service is at half speed, and his email won't download in Outlook. Since AT&T's mail is through Yahoo, Leo suggested that Paul try accessing his email from Paul confirms that this does work. Leo thinks it's an issue on AT&T's end after the power outage in his area, and they don't have the Pop Mail server up yet.