Scott Wilkinson ... Reclaimed

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1713

Scott joins Leo to talk about over the air television and concerns that the FCC will reclaim those broadcast frequencies, preventing people from watching TV with a conventional digital antenna. ATSC 1.0 is the standard that most people are watching on, and there is a new generation called ATSC 3.0 that we are transitioning to. As a result, the FCC is reclaiming that ATSC 1.0 spectrum to reallocate frequencies to another spectrum. As such, local broadcast stations have had to be rescanned by TVs in order to get the channel back.

Will ATSC3 make my TV useless?


Episode 1680

Ed from Lovettown, PA

Ed has a friend who is tired of paying hundreds for cable TV. Leo says to cut the cable! You can get an antenna if you're within line of sight of the transmitter and get HD TV for free. But he's concerned because he wants to use a Tableau computer and with ATSC3, he may not be able to watch TV on that, or any other TV. Leo says that according to the ATSC website, ATSC 3 will likely be incompatible because it's not backwards compatible. That baffles Leo because ATSC3 was sold with backwards compatibility as a feature.

Scott Wilkinson ... Advanced

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1636

Scott Wilkinson joins to talk about CES, which is just around the corner in January. The big thing will likely be an advancement in microLED TV technology. There may also be the launch in ATSC 3.0. ATSC stands for Advanced, Television Systems Committee, and it's the standard for digital transmission over the air. ATSC 3 is the next generation, skipping over 2.0. Kinda weird, but there you go. It'll be 4K capable, and offer an online IP standard.