Apple Watch

Why Is My Apple Watch Trying to Call 911?

Apple Watch

Episode 1840

Michael from Union City, CA

Michael has been experiencing issues where his watch is giving a warning that he's fallen when he hasn't. It also calls 911. It started after hitting a hard bump while driving. Leo says that's the Apple Watch's fall detection feature. You can go into the watch app's Emergency SOS settings(on your phone) and disable it if you don't tend to fall. You can also put in emergency notification contacts and turn up the haptics so you know it's happening and can stop it.

Do I Need an iPhone to Set Up My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Episode 1835

Kent from Huntington Beach, CA

Kent wants to know if he can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone. Leo says not anymore. But he can set it up with a family member's iPhone. That's a helpful feature. But at the end of the day, he will need an iPhone to activate the watch. If he doesn't want an Apple Watch, then he should look at the Fitbit or Android Wear watch. There's also Garmin.

How Can I Keep Track of My Kids Without a Phone?

Galaxy Watch 4

Episode 1819

Michael from Anaheim, CA

Michael wants to be able to keep track of his kids. Leo says that Apple has an iPod Touch with texting. But it needs WiFi to work. As soon as the kid leaves school, they aren't connected. That's why parents are giving kids cell phones now. Another option is an Apple Watch. But it's expensive because it has LTE built-in. But it would work. He can even set it up for secondary use. Android Wear watches also work like that. The Galaxy Watch 4 has that capability. Verizon also sells a watch for kids. Called the GIZMO. He could use Apple tags on their backpacks.

Is There a Browser for the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Episode 1799

G. Scott from Finland, MN

G. Scott recently bought his wife a new Apple Watch. It can do just about anything, but it has no browser.  Leo says that's what the iPhone is for! You really wouldn't want to browse with that tiny watch screen. And even if it did, it would be limited without the iPhone attached to it.  Don't think of it as a separate computer; it's more of a companion.

Can I Repair My Apple Watch Screen?

Apple Watch Series 6

Episode 1787

Matt from San Pedro, CA

Matt is going to have to pay $264 to repair his Apple Watch screen. Is there a third-party option? Leo says that Apple makes it very difficult for third-party repair, and it sounds like Apple is planning to replace the watch for that price. Often, it's cheaper or easier to replace an Apple product than replace it. But iFixit has a  page for fixing it. Check out the iFixit Screen Page.

Why Can't My Apple Watch Read My Tattooed Skin?

Apple Watch Series 6

Episode 1779

Cliff from Orange, CA

Cliff bought a new Series 6 Apple Watch, and his tattoos are preventing the watch from working properly when taking his health readings. Leo says that's a common problem. A clear sticker is supposed to help, but there's apparently a case where the tattoo can prevent the watch from getting a proper reading from the sensor. Here's an article from iMore about why. 

Should I Buy a Portable EKG Device?


Episode 1776

Robert from Merrieta, GA

Robert wants to get an EKG device to check his heart rate. He can get one for $89. Leo has one called AliveCor, and it lets him send the results directly to the doctor from his mobile phone. Leo says to go for it! The Apple Watch has really brought the price down on these personal health devices and now he can measure oxygen capacity and the EKG. It's not completely accurate, but it's enough for a doctor to see what's going on and if there's a problem. And it can save his life.