Apple TV

Stream Anything to Your HDTV

Ever find something on your computer, smartphone or tablet that you want to show to others on your HDTV? There are a couple of easy ways to set this up.

If you use a Mac and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), an Apple TV is a good way to go. At $99, the Apple TV is a small set-top box that connects to your TV through an HDMI input. Once connected, you'll be able to take advantage of the AirPlay button in the Mac's menu bar, and when playing media in iOS, to send content to the TV wirelessly.

Backup Your DVDs

If you have movies or TV shows on DVD, it's a good idea to get them onto your computer. This serves two purposes -- it will preserve them, and allow you to watch them on more of your devices including smartphones and tablets. To do this, you'll just need a computer with an optical drive (most newer computers will take DVDs), and the software to rip and encode them. Here's how to do it:

Tim Cook's Recent Interviews Reveals Interesting Details About Apple

Episode 934

Tim Cook has been giving interviews lately, but the question is - why? According to analysts, Apple's profit is poised to fall for the first time in nine years, with a recent 20% drop in their stock. That could be one reason for Apple offering up these interviews.

Cook also had some interesting things to say about future products from the company, including an Apple television.

Should I buy a SmartTV or a Blu-ray player that’s internet enabled?

Episode 874

Steven from Fontana, CA

Every TV nowadays will have an ethernet connection and will be a so-called "Smart" TV with apps and such. In most cases they are just not easy to use, they're slow and even can be a nuisance at times. It's better to get the "smarts" outside of the TV. Roku and the AppleTV are external boxes that connect to the TV, and are generally better designed products that are also easier to update.