Apple Photos

Why can't I edit my images in Apple Photos?

Apple Photos

Episode 1256

Judy from Porter Ranch, CA

Judy has a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, but she's been having issues that Apple Support can't solve. She can't edit any photo in Apple Photos. Apple thinks it's a software problem. Leo thinks this is a problem with the cache. Leo suggests exporting out all of her photos into another folder and move that to the desktop. Then she can delete the Apple Photos library and reimport her images. She should make sure it's the unmodified original, and not the thumbnails. Chances are, Judy's photo library became corrupt.

How can I back up my photos while on vacation?

Apple Photos

Episode 1251

Scott from Richland, WA

Scott is about to go on vacation to Australia and he wants to know how iCloud works with the images on his iPad. Leo says that he can turn on iCloud Photo Library in his phone and it will upload his images when connected to Wi-Fi to save space on his phone. Can he upload from his Nikon with his iPad? Leo says he can shoot raw, but it may not go up to the cloud. They will upload high quality JPEGs. But Scott should be wary, because Nikon also adds a lower quality JPEG that it loads to the LCD for review. In many cases, the lower quality image will get copied instead.

Why did some of my photos disappear from Apple Photos?

Apple Photos

Episode 1250

Claudia from California

Claudia is finding that half of her photos have disappeared in Apple Photos. She's taken her computer into the Apple store and talked to a genius but they have no answer, except that she has a second library. But the photos aren't there either. Leo says that the second library is the old iPhotos library. But that doesn't answer why her photos have vanished. They've also disappeared from her backup. Apple wants to wipe her drive and start over. Leo says it's common for tech support to want to wipe and go back to the original install. But the problem is, she'll lose her data.

Is there an alternative to Apple Photos?

Apple Photos

Episode 1240

Chris from Miami, FL

Chris liked Apple's iPhoto, but he doesn't care for Photos. Leo says that Apple has tried to fix something that wasn't broken. There are alternatives including Adobe Lightroom, but Chris doesn't want to pay $20 a month to use that. Leo says that there's a lot of good reasons to use Lightroom including being able to sync with his iPad. It's what Apple Photos should be. But for some reason, Apple just doesn't really get cloud based apps like they should.

What happened to my image organization in Apple Photos?

Apple Photos

Episode 1228

Ron from Fallbrook, CA

Ron is having problems with the Yosemite upgrade, which has messed up his image organization. Leo says that happened when Apple moved from iPhotos to Apple Photos. It's a mess. He's also having issues with iOS 9 on his iPhone. Leo says that unfortunately, it's Apple's way or the highway, and users who just go with the flow usually have less of a problem with it.

How can I sync photos from my iPad to Mac using iPhoto?

Apple Photos

Episode 1228

Jim from Los Angeles, CA

Jim wants to be able to use his iPad to make annotations on photos and then sync them to his Mac. But Apple has killed iPhoto, and the photos won't sync to iPhoto on the Mac anymore. Leo says that he can't keep using iPhoto because Apple moved to Apple Photos, which won't talk to his old iPhoto desktop app. So Jim will have to update his desktop and start using Apple Photos. Then it'll sync again.

What are the alternatives to Apple's Aperture?

Apple OS X Photos

Episode 1197

Ken from Long Beach, CA

Ken is getting a new camera and computer. He also wants to know about the future of Apple's Aperture. Leo says that Aperture has been killed off by Apple. Adobe Lightroom is a good alternative, but Apple's new Photos app is pretty powerful. It's certainly worth giving it a try before putting down $10 a month to run Lightroom. He could also just keep using Aperture since he already has it. It won't be updated, but that's not necessarily a big deal. It won't stop working.

What happened to my photos when iPhoto got deleted?

Episode 1190

Cary from Cottonwood, AZ

Cary's iPhoto app has been deleted. Have her pictures been lost? Leo says probably not. She can get iPhoto back through the app store, but her originals should still be on the hard drive. She should look for a folder called "Original Photos" and then select "Show Package Contents." She should back up all of her originals. Once she's done that, she can open the new Photos app and it'll migrate the photos automatically. Photos isn't worse than iPhoto, it's just different.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1178

Chris says that upgrading to OS 10.3 will bring Apple's new Photos app on your Mac. He says it's pretty good, but it has a few flaws and bugs. One bug is that it will delete any pictures on your desktop in favor of your photos in iCloud. So if you don't have anything on your laptop you care about, go for it. it'll all be well. But Chris didn't lose any of his. They migrated everything to his Photos app with no problem, only reorganizing some. Chris says Photos is an update from iPhoto, but a clear downgrade from Aperture.