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Can I pay for things with an Android Wear watch?

Android Wear watches

Episode 1556

Joe from Winslow, AZ

Joe wants to buy his girlfriend a smartwatch. He wants to know if Android Wear watches will use NFC so he can buy stuff through his watch without his phone. Leo says that the Apple Watch can do that. There are probably models of Android Wear that will do that as well. Leo says that if the watch supports Wi-Fi, and is connected through the internet, then Google Pay will work. If it's not, then no, it won't be able to do that.

Why is my credit card information popping up on the iPhone?

Episode 1464

Jan from Washington

Jan has an iPhone 6 and she's worried that someone is hacking into her digital wallet and getting her credit card. Leo says it's probably not the case. More likely, she inadvertently activated Apple Pay, which she can do if she presses the home button twice. Pressing the home button again makes it go away. It's designed that way to make it easy to pay with Apple Pay quickly when the screen is locked.

Can she use more than one thumbprint on Touch ID? Leo says no. She can use fingers on both hands. But if it doesn't open, it may need to be retrained.

Why does Square Cash require my social security number?


Episode 1430

George from Aurora, IL

George wanted to use Square Cash to send friends cash, but it requires his social security number. That's not a great idea and Leo says to refuse giving that out everywhere. Technically, they're not supposed to ask for that, but everyone does. So he should just say no. Leo suggests Venmo. There's also Banks use Zelle. Leo wishes that pay services would just go open crypto, like BitCoin does.

Why are stores not using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Episode 1183

Clarence from Norway, MI

Clarence has been using Apple Pay and he says more locations are refusing to accept it. Leo says that the problem with Apple Pay is that the merchant doesn't get any information about the customer, just the money transfer. And that information has real value to them. Walmart created a coalition of vendors that shares information about consumers and more businesses are using it for that reason, but it's a terrible solution that takes longer to use.

CVS and Rite Aid Block Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Episode 1130

Apple users were enraged that Rite Aid and CVS are blocking Apple Pay, and are even boycotting them. Both Rite Aid and CVS used to have "tap to pay" terminals, and they worked prior to the release of Apple Pay with Google Wallet. Even right after Apple Pay started, customers were able to use their iPhones at Rite Aid and CVS successfully. But now Rite Aid and CVS have disabled all "tap to pay" terminals, including both Apple Pay and Google Wallet in favor of its own rival payment system called CurrentC.

I disagree with the move to block Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Episode 1130

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom heard Leo talk about Walmart's new CurrentC/MCX payment option. Leo says that they're the king of loyalty cards, but it's complicated. Tom did use Apple Pay at Panera and it was really easy and worked great. He just put his thumb on it and it deducted money for his coffee. Nice and easy. It even told him how long ago he used it and where so he can keep track of his purchases.

Apple's October 16 Event Was Strange, Leo Decides Not to Buy New iPad

Episode 1127

After what was a rather strange event, half was which was recap, Apple got to the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. And while there are updates, Leo's decided to get off the merry go round and is not going to buy one. Pretty much only differences is that it's a bit more powerful, a little bit better camera, and Touch ID. But the big feature is ... that it's thinner. And Leo says he can't imagine that as a reason to turn in your old one and get a new one. He's perfectlyhappy with his iPad Mini with Retina. Doesn't feel pressure to upgrade.So he's not going to.