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What laptop should I buy my wife for school?

Apple MacBook Pro

Episode 1179

Patrick from Camarillo, CA

Patrick needs to get his wife a new laptop. He's thinking of switching to a Mac. Leo says it depends on if she needs Windows for some of her school work. If not, then Macs are ideal because of their security, especially when surfing the web.

Patrick should know that MacBook Airs do not have Retina screens. MacBook Pros are a better choice generally. The MacBook Air 13 is the best for battery life, though. He should get the largest hard drive and most memory he can. Have her look at the screen to decide which one is best for her.

How can I fix the video issues on my Mac?

Apple MacBook Pro

Episode 1168

Ken from Chicago, IL

Ken has a 2010 MacBook Pro that gets display errors all the time. Leo says that Apple has issued a recall on those MacBooks and will repair or replace it. He should go into About This Mac, and click the Service tab. This will tell him if it's available for recall. Ken's computer isn't covered under that program, and since he put an SSD in it, Apple won't service it. Leo says to take out the new SSD and put the old drive back in. Get it fixed and then put the SSD back in.