Apple IDs

Was My Mac Hacked?


Episode 1687

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

Dave says his 10-year-old Mac got hacked, and his Apple ID password was changed. But he can't use his iPad until he verifies it. So he can't use it at all. Leo suggests wiping the old Mac drive and reinstalling the macOS. Also, change the User ID password. Dave will have to call up APPLE to reclaim it.

Do I have to pay for iCloud?

Episode 1263

Michelline from Studio City, CA

Michelline doesn't want to have a paid iCloud account. Leo says that she doesn't have to buy anything, but she does need an Apple account. That's mostly so that she can have iCloud and a way to track her phone in the event that it's stolen. She doesn't want to pay for iCloud, though. Leo says she'll get 5GB for free and that's good enough for most people unless she's backing up photos and videos. $2 a month gets her 200GB and that's plenty for photo backup. Leo also recommends using Google Photos.

How can I use iTunes on two separate computers?


Episode 1197

Rob from Orange, CA

Rob is a DJ and he would like to use iTunes on two separate laptops to mix between. Leo says there's two ways to do this. The first is to use the same Apple ID on both. He'll have up to 5 computers he can use at once. He could also use Family Sharing. That way he can manage all the music between multiple users. Home sharing is another option.

The fastest way would be to copy the library onto a disk, and then import the library into the other laptop.

How can I have separate Apple IDs for the family?

Episode 1066

Todd from Petaluma, CA

Todd would like to have separate Apple IDs for his kids. Leo says users can have up to 5 Apple IDs per credit card, but only two Apple IDs per device. iTunes allows 10 devices with 5 computers. Todd will have to remember to deauthorize them when he stops using a device.

Leo also says that he can have as many iCloud accounts as he wants, and that's good for backing up photos to Photostream. Todd can have a separate iCloud account for Photostream and then a separate Apple ID for purchases and iMessages.

How can I create multiple Apple IDs tied to one credit card?

Episode 978

Patrick from Los Angeles, CA

Patrick would like to set up everyone in the family with Apple IDs, but he can't get everyone on the same account. Leo says that according to the chatroom, he can only use three Apple IDs per credit card. So he'll have to have another credit card for the rest. One other option, according to Leo, is to go to his bank and have them generate dedicated credit card numbers that are linked to his account and can only be used with iTunes. Or, better yet, set up each ID with a separate iTunes gift card. Then fix it to where they can only be used with the gift card.