What photography software should I use on my new laptop?

Episode 1131

Bill from Boulder, CO

Bill is looking for a new laptop that he can use for his business. He has an older MacBook Pro with Aperture, but he doesn't like it. Leo says the good news is that Apple has killed Aperture and most photographers actually use Adobe Lightroom. He can buy it outright or use the Adobe Photographers CC package for $10 a month. Most serious photographers use both. And at $10 a month, he can't really beat it.

What can I do with RAW photos?

Episode 1019

George from London, UK

George has a camera that shoots in RAW, and wants to know what software for Mac will handle this best. Leo says that RAW is the uncompressed, raw data coming from the sensor, so it's huge, unwieldy, and unprocessed. The Mac already has a program that can handle those RAW files, though. iPhoto should handle it, but Apple Aperture is another good option that will give him additional capabilities. Leo also likes Adobe Lightroom.

How can I install an older version of an app from the App Store for my older Macbook?

Episode 910

Dave from Bimington, NY

The latest version of Aperture only supports Mountain Lion, and since Dave's Macbook can't run Mountain Lion, he'll need to find that older version. Leo recommends he makes an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store, and maybe they can help him get his older version back.