anti virus software

How can I guard against key logging software?

Episode 1031

Pat from Anaheim, CA

Pat is concerned about key loggers being installed onto his computer. What software can he get to prevent it? Leo says any good antivirus, like Eset's Nod32 will look out for that stuff, but it won't protect him against his own behavior. He could easily get a malicious email from someone he knows who got infected, and end up with malware. He should keep Automatic Updates turned on in Windows, too.

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Does a Mac need antivirus software?


Episode 1011

Julie from Carson, CA

Julie recently got her first iMac and wants to know if she should get Eset's Cyber Security software. Leo says that Macs are far safer than PCs because they are active in blocking malware as it happens. Also, their smaller market share means Mac users aren't as much of a target. Leo says the greater threat is her behavior. No antivirus program can protect her from herself if she allows it to get through.

How can I tell if I have a virus on my PC?

Episode 995

Tom from California

Tom fears his computer has a virus on it. He can't reboot it or do anything else other than the email. He turned it off and came back on, but he can't find the restore button. Leo says that doesn't mean Tom got a virus. It could've just crashed. He advises doing a thorough scan of his anti virus and maybe even scan with Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. He can even run an online scanner like Eset.

What free AntiVirus is best?

Episode 986

Karen from Johnston, RI

Karen has been running her PC without an AVS and could install McAffee or Norton. Leo says he hates both of them, passionately! Since Karen doesn't have much money for this, Microsoft offers an excellent free option called Microsoft Security Essentials which will do the job quite nicely. She should install that, keep Windows up to date along with her browser and other software. Then all she really has to worry about is her activity online.