How Can I Record a Call on Google Fi?

Arizona Lou

Episode 1843

Arizona Lou from Arizona

Arizona Lou would like to record his online comedy routines using his phone and Google Fi. How can he do it? Leo says that Google Voice will do it. Download the app, hit record or 4, and it will announce "call recording" and then it will record the entire phone call until he hits the record button again.  He can also use the Cube Call Widgets of What's App. Also Telegram. That also can do it.

Check out for his comedy.

How Can I Adjust the Size of the Fonts on My Phone?

Android Accessibility

Episode 1842

Pat from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Pat has a Google Pixel 5, and her husband has a Pixel 4. But after the Android 12 update, the Clock Widget and the PIN interface have gotten large. How can she reduce it? Leo says it sounds like the accessibility settings for the display have been changed. Look under Text and Display and see what the font size is. You can reduce them there. Also, look to see if Magnification has been enabled and turn that off. 

How Can I Replace the Battery in My Smartphone?

iFixIt Pixel 4XL Battery Replacement Kit

Episode 1842

Adam from Torrance, CA

Adam got a Pixel 4XL Android phone, but now it has a bad battery. He sent it in, but it looks like they got him a refurbished replacement phone. Leo says the same thing happened to him. The problem is that his replacement phone is doing the same thing. So he sent it back again and got yet another replacement phone. If it happens again, can he replace the battery? Leo says it's possible, but the battery is stuck in with glue strips. You have to be careful replacing the battery, but it could be done. iFixit could help show you how to do it.

What Can I Do With an Old Cell Phone?

Galaxy S8

Episode 1841

Lex from Richmond, VA

Lex wants to know what he can do with an old mobile phone. Leo says that over time, cell phone companies gradually phase out support for older technologies. GSM, CDMA, and others have already been turned off. 3G phones will be turned off soon as well. Then LTE will be phaserd out. And phone manufacturers will also stop updating the operating systems, making them a security threat. So eventually, the phone will stop working as a phone. But he could use them as a handheld computer with WiFi. Or a media player. 

Why Does Samsung Limit How Many WiFi Hotspots My Phone Can See?

S21 Ultra

Episode 1841

Jim from Glendale, CA

Jim's Samsung phone only shows 10 WiFi hotspots, when he knows that there's more. Leo says that Samsung highly customizes their Android experience, and it's likely they are just limiting the options to the channels he's most likely to connect to. Not every visible WiFi signal is useable, and they are just filtering those out. 

Jim also wants to know how to stop his Phone from swiping from the bottom to activate Google Assistant. Leo says to look in the settings under gestures. He should be able to turn it off.

Apple or Android Phones?

Android & Apple

Everyone has a preference with what they want their phones to do for them. Some people like to have that flexibility and choice to do what they want with their phones; others prefer to not worry about that and have their phones do the work for them. Android & Apple devices are both good in their own rights on what you can and cannot do on them. You just need to decide what you're looking to do with your phone. Keep that in mind when choosing to go with either Android or Apple for your phone of choice.

Will I Be Happier With an Android Phone?

Samsung Note 20

Episode 1840

Jim from Burbank, CA

Jim has a Samsung Note 20 after making "the switch" from the iPhone. Leo says that some people like a "boring phone" while others like to get under the hood and tinker with it. Others just like to be creative and are happy to let the phone do all the work for them. Both platforms have merit, so to each his own. That's why Android is a better choice for Jim.

How Can I Adjust the In-Call Volume in My Android Phone?

In Call Volume

Episode 1836

Greg from Ontario, CAN

Greg went blind recently, and he's trying to make his mobile phone more accessible. His in-call volume has gotten really low, and he can't adjust it back up. Leo says there may be something from an update that has changed the internal settings. If your screen reader can pick it up, go into the sound settings and adjust it. It may also be a feature called "Adapt Sound." Look there and see if it's changed your sound. Also turn off Dolby. You can also try turning off Bluetooth. It may think you're using a Bluetooth handset. It could also be the speaker for your ears has broken.

How Can I Get Google Pay to Work on an Unlocked Android Phone?

Google Pay

Episode 1834

Victor from Columbia, SC

Victor recently bought a One Plus 8 Pro mobile phone from Swappa, but while it was unlocked, it was unlocked through the boot loader. Is that OK? Leo says that some people think it's better. But it won't take Google Pay. Leo says that Google Pay looks for a locked boot loader for security. If it's unlocked, then it isn't secure for taking payments. So that's why you can't use Google Pay. Leo says Victor will probably have to root the phone to make Google Pay work again.