andrew jones

Is there a better media option than CDs?

Super Audio CD

Episode 1328

Louie from Orange County, CA

Louie wants to know if there's a higher quality CD for audio. Scott says that SACD or Super Audio CD is one. It was meant to succeed CD, but online music distribution pretty much killed it. He can still get them online and they do offer better audio specs than CDs do. How do they compare to Blu-ray audio? It's just a different technology, with Blu-ray audio using PCM to store a lot more data, while SACD uses DSD. Blu-ray audio has better specs up to 24 bits, while CD audio is 18bits. He can also get greater dynamic and frequency range.

What's a good two channel stereo system?


Episode 1327

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey wants to buy a good, simple two channel stereo system. Scott says that for a budget system, Elac makes a really nice system. They recently hired Andrew Jones from Pioneer and he designs some amazing, affordable systems. Elac just released a really buttery two channel amp for about $1,000. He could get a few bookshelf speakers and he'll be good to go.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1195

Scott says that Andrew Jones has some new, budget speakers that perform way above their price range. WAY above, as Scott puts it. But he also hears that Jones has left Pioneer and got to ELAC, a German turntable and speaker company. ELAC wants to get back into the US market so Jones has designed some even better speakers than he ever has at Pioneer. The new speakers are called the Elac Debut line and Scott says that the B5's and B6s are really nice. There's also floor speakers (F5) and Center (C5s).

What's the best sound bar under $500?

Pioneer SP-SB23W

Episode 1125

Pete from Detroit, MI

Pete wants to get a sound bar to replace his aging home theater system. Leo says you can do it, it's a good option especially for a smaller room. But he won't get the separation and quality of home theater. Sound bars are popular and do a great job, though. Pioneer makes one that Scott Wilkinson likes called the SP-SB23W. It's designed by Andrew Jones and is very affordable at around $400. Scott says it sounds really good.

What's the best wireless surround sound system?

Pioneer Surround Sound System

Episode 1087

Sean from Durango, CO

Sean is interested in getting a wireless 5.1 surround sound system. Leo says he understands the desire to get rid of wires, but they often don't work as well due to interference in the audio spectrum. It's also why he hired someone to wire his house and put them inside the walls. Wireless left/right and center speakers are OK because they're usually not that far away from each other. But surround is usually farther away.