Scott Wilkinson ... Amplified and Converted


Episode 1723

Scott joins Leo to talk about the Helm Audio DB12 AAA pocket headphone amp. It uses THX amplifier technology. Noise measurements are far lower in total harmonic distortion than any chip-based amp. And while the price of the DB12AAA is $200, it does make a huge difference in audio from a mobile device. But since mobile phones have eliminated the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth headphones, users would need an adapter to use it.

How can I get my older JBL speakers to work with my computer?

Episode 886

Warren from San Diego, CA

Warren's speakers are unpowered. They need an amplifier to power them. He'll need to take the line level out of the soundcard from the back of his computer, which is a mini-jack that will go into his pre-amp. Then that will go into his big powered McIntosh amplifier, which will go into the JBL speakers. He should think of his computer as an aux input.