Will Supersonic Planes Really Return With United?

Boom Supersonic

Episode 1802

Micah from Maine

Micah is a podcaster for the Airplane Geeks podcast and he says that the Boom Supersonic zero-emissions aircraft is largely smoke and mirrors. It claims zero emissions because it's going to use biofuels instead of kerosene. It'll lower emissions, but the rest will have to be handled by buying Carbon offsets. So not strictly zero emissions. Micah says that Boom will likely be vaporware before it actually takes to the air. 

Johnny Jet and the Unsustainable Airline

Johnny Jet

Episode 1792

This week, Johnny went back in the air, test flying with Avelo Airlines. What makes Avelo interesting is that they are charging nearly $20 for the ticket, but $10 for bags and $35 for carry-ons, and other fees. The idea is to make turnarounds quickly without loading extra bags, so they can turn a profit. They fly 15-year-old 737-800s and 129 of the 189 seats only have 29" of legroom, which is tight.

Johnny Jet ... To Travel or not

Johnny Jet

Episode 1677

New travel restrictions are now in place for the UK and Ireland, but they haven't gone into effect yet. Johnny Jet also says this outbreak is going to hit the travel industry hard, and some airlines or cruise lines may not make it out the other end.   Johnny says that right now is the best time to buy tickets for summer travel. Don't travel now, but by the summer, this will largely be over with. You can buy your tickets now for cheap, and even if you can't fly then, your purchase will be protected. Airlines will try really hard not to give your money back, but they may offer you credit.

Johnny Jet ...Check your Equipment

Johnny Jet

Episode 1602

Johnny Jet says that before you book your flight, always look at what birds they're using for that flight. You can find that out online as you book. Not all planes are created equal. Johnny Jet uses Google Flights but also goes to the airline website to find out what plane is flying on his flight. You want a wide body whenever possible. 

And if you fly American, when you fly, you can get free upgrades in the offseason. 

Is condensation in an airplane normal?

Johnny Jet on a plane

Episode 1495

Mike from Maine

Mike is a commercial pilot and he called in to talk about Johnny Jet's tweet about mist in the airplane cabin. Mike says that airplane mist happens a lot in humid climates when the cold air from the airplane's AC meets the warm air of the cabin. It's very normal, and only happens when the plane is at the gate and hooked up to an air conditioner to keep boarding passengers cool.

Johnny Jet

Episode 963

Johnny Jet says that American Airlines is testing a new boarding procedure which lets people on without carry on luggage right after first class and families board. Johnny Jet tweeted it and now everyone knows about it. Southwest, Alaska and Frontier are doing it as well.