Does Skipping Ads On Youtube Hurt Creators?


Episode 1707

GScott from Finland, Minnesota

GScott wants to know if he skips an ad on YouTube, will Leo lose money? Leo says there is money to be made on youtube, but TWiT doesn't make a lot. It's a few thousand a month and it really doesn't matter if he skips the ad, they've been charged for it. And skipping an ad gives youtube and advertisers valuable feedback on what ads work and what doesn't. Leo puts the show on youtube for convenience. Besides, TWiT sells its own ads in the podcast anyway, the So feel free to skip YouTube's ads!

Can I make a living on YouTube?

Episode 1301

Ranjith from India

Ranjith uses Elementary OS, a new flavor of Linux. He also does a YouTube channel on technology, but he's noticing that YouTube doesn't pay well at all. Leo agrees. It's really a pittance and it strikes to the core of what Leo says about the tradeoffs of free bandwidth and access vs. making a living. How can he monetize his content beyond YouTube's adsense? Leo says YouTube is more of a promotional vehicle. To really make money, he'll need to have a consistent view rate of over a million views, and not many can do that.

How can I get Google AdSense to stop censoring me?

Episode 1074

Dave from Salt Lake City

Dave is being censored by Google AdSense. Leo says that usually Google does that to prevent click fraud. Dave says the specific word is the name of the cartoon that he features on his site. Leo says to try and appeal it, if he can. It's almost impossible to get a human at Google for help. But Leo advises going to the Google Webmaster site for help. Google also has a phone number at

How can I change my blog's URL without losing views?

Episode 984

Janet from Santa Monica, CA

Janet has a blog on Blogger and the URL is really long. She'd like to change the URL (, but she's worried she'll lose views by changing the name. Leo says that Janet should go into the domain management settings in blogger and have a custom domain name forward to the Blogspot site. It's called domain redirection and it shouldn't affect her Google ranking.

How can she make money on her site? Leo suggests using Google AdSense right away. Check out the book "Google AdSense Secrets" too.