How can I stop using Adobe Flash?

Episode 1118

Roy from Orange County, CA

Roy keeps getting requests to update Flash when listening to podcasts. And it always crashes. Leo says he hates Adobe Flash with a PASSION and everyone uses it, so he's stuck with it and all it's warts. That's why Leo recommends that if you have to use Flash, that you use it through Google's Chrome browser. What Google does in Chrome is build Flash into the browser and it's updated regularly by Google and it's isolated so it doesn't crash your browser if it crashes. It should work better for you.

What computer should I get for photo editing?

Episode 1081

Mark from Riverside, CA

Mark just bought a camera and is looking for a computer that he could edit photos on. He's currently using an older HP computer. Leo says he thinks a Mac would be good for this. The reason he likes Mac is because people have so many problems with viruses and malware on Windows. The Mac also has better color accuracy, unless he spends a lot of money on a Windows machine and pays attention to the monitor that it comes with. He can run Adobe Lightroom on Mac or PC, also, so chances are the software he uses will be available on Mac.

150,000,000 Adobe Creative Cloud Accounts Compromised

Episode 1029

Adobe's Creative Cloud has been hacked, exposing millions of accounts to hackers. Although the passwords were encrypted by Adobe, the hints were not, allowing hackers to deduce what passwords were. Most were set to "123456," or "password." Adobe has required users to change their password immediately, but the damage may have already been done since credit cards are linked to the accounts. Leo advises everyone to make passwords very difficult to deduce or to crack via brute force attack.

What are the best alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud?

Episode 1004

Kevin from Memphis, TN

Kevin is looking for an alternative to Adobe's Creative Cloud since he thinks that $40 a month to use Photoshop is too much. Leo says that Adobe has been wanting to do this for a long time. Adobe is afraid of piracy and have figured out they can make more money by renting out the software instead of selling it.

Here are some other solutions:

What's a PDF Portfolio?

Episode 992

Dan from Ontario, British Columbia CAN

Leo says that PDF Portfolios are multiple files that are put together into one master PDF file. Adobe did this to get a handle on the PDF format, which has pretty much gone open source. PDF stands for "portable document format" and it's essentially an image of a document that preserves formatting across a multiple formats and operating systems.

What do you think of Adobe's decision to sell subscriptions instead of software?

Episode 978

Mark from Scottsdale, CA

Mark wants to know what Leo thinks about Adobe moving to subscriptions instead of selling software. Leo says it's been obvious for awhile that Adobe would rather sell subscriptions rather than software. It's really the trend everywhere now. Leo says if enough people just bought the last version and then stopped, they'd get the message that people don't want a subscription.

Why am I getting a "blocked plugin" message whenever I try to watch video on my Mac?

Episode 964

Pam from Laguna Nigel, CA

Pam is having trouble watching videos online with her Mac. Apple probably blocked Flash since Pam had neglected to update it. Leo advises uninstalling Flash and then install it from to download the stand alone Flash installer. Then, install it with all browsers closed. She will have to keep it updated, or Apple will block it again.