Adobe Premiere

How can I do live capture of video on my Mac?

Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Episode 1299

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA

Jeff is a casting director and he uses an old version of iMovie to do live capture of his actors auditions. Now that it has changed, he doesn't have an easy way to video capture directly into something. The new iMovie won't even do it. Leo says that Quicktime is a good option. It's the underlying codec for iMovie anyway. He's still have to organize the clips and save them into separate folders and manage it manually, though. Apple may still have the old version of iMovie for download.

Why can't I install Adobe Premiere?

Episode 1230

David from Venice Beach, CA

David is trying to use Adobe Premiere and it stops working. Leo says that Dave bought a serial number, and if it doesn't have disks, it won't work. That's Adobe's copy protection. Leo recommends just using Adobe Creative Cloud instead. He can put it on two computers. If his friend sold him his copy, he needs to give him the disks to install it as well. He'll probably have to contact Adobe and transfer it as well.

What video editing software would be best for me?

Episode 1180

Fakhar from Islamabad

Fahkar recently bought a laptop at Best Buy for video editing. He's trying to enhance MP4 files and he doesn't like the Cyberlink Director. Leo says that it's very consumer focused and as such, a bit dumbed down for that kind of stuff. Higher end programs like Adobe Premiere that also offer additional plugins for what Fahkar is trying to do. Premiere Elements may also be able to do it.

What video editing software should I use for my YouTube videos?

Final Cut Pro X

Episode 1169

Will from Bradford, PA

Will makes videos on YouTube playing guitar. What video editing software should he use that offers a picture in picture capability? Leo says Final Cut Pro on the Mac will do it. Adobe Premiere will work, but it's a cloud based subscription solution now.

He's also noticed that there's ads on his youtube channel. Check out BradfordSoundman on YouTube.

Is there much of a difference between a Dell XPS i7 and a Mac Pro for video editing?

Apple Mac Pro

Episode 1152

Ken from Cape Girardeau, MS

Leo says there's not much difference between the two. He uses a Mac Pro at home and likes it, but it's not very upgradeable, and any upgrades he could do would have to be external. On a PC, if he gets a tower case, upgrades are easy. Leo just got all of the video editors at TWiT Dell PCs and they will be moving to Adobe Premiere. The Mac Pro is expensive for what you get, and for pro video editors it's probably not the best solution.

How can I convert my Hi8 video tapes to digital without issues?

Hi8 Video Tape

Episode 915

Sam from Adelaide, AUS

Sam wants to convert his Hi8 video tapes to digital. He's tried several methods including using the ADVC110 converter, but he gets a blurry distorted band along the bottom. Leo says that could be an issue of "overscan." This is an extra image area around the video image that's not normally seen. This is because TVs in the 1930's had varying display areas on the screens.

I'm a video editor. Should I get a new Macbook Pro or consider switching to Windows?

Final Cut Pro

Episode 894

Ken from Michigan

Ken is not sure whether or not to get a new Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro X missing so many key features. Apple dramatically decreased the cost of Final Cut from $1,300 to just $299, but they also removed a lot of functionality. Leo says Apple has been putting features back in over time because of a lot of professionals switching to either Avid or Adobe Premiere.