Adobe Photoshop

Why did Photoshop and Illustrator disappear after an update?

Affinity Photo

Episode 1470

George from Victor, MT

George bought a computer that had Photoshop and Illustrator on it and the software disappeared during an update. Leo says that if he bought a computer that had an illegal copy on it, he would expect Adobe to notice that there's a pirated copy when he used it. If he can get the serial number, he can then reinstall it with the proper number. Leo also suggests that he try using Affinity Photo instead.

What photo program should I buy?

Episode 1215

Pat from Corona, CA

Pat has been making videos of his trips along with images that he's taken. He uses Paintshop Pro and nobody supports it anymore. Leo says it's high time to upgrade to Adobe Lightroom. Paint Shop Pro is well over a decade old and sooner or later, a company is going to stop supporting it, called "end of life." Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is best designed for that. Even Photoshop Elements will get him mostly there. Better yet, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers subscription is only $20 a month.

What laptop should I buy for Photoshop?

Asus Zenbook

Episode 1193

Boris from New York, NY

Boris is looking for a new Windows 8 machine and wants to know what Leo thinks of the Asus Zenbook 303. Leo likes the Zenbook series a lot. It's very similar in style and performance to the MacBook Air. If he's looking for portability, it's a great choice. Can it run photoshop and do video editing? Leo says it's certainly fast enough. Anything nowadays will run Photoshop, it just comes down to how fast it will be able to run it. But this would be a great machine for Photoshop.

Will Photoshop work well on a Mac Mini?

Apple Mac Mini

Episode 1153

Beanie from Reykjavik, Iceland

Beanie wants to know if Photoshop works the same on the Mac Mini as it would on a similar small device from HP. Leo says that Photoshop is CPU bound, meaning the speed of the chip's cores will matter. The more cores, the better. An SSD will speed it up, as well as a good graphics processor. The Mac Mini uses Intel's Iris Processor, which is OK. So while there are speed differences, it largely depends on what he's doing, and chances are, he's really not going to notice. Going up to an i7 processor will give him a boost because of hyperthreading, but only if he really, really needs it.