What's a good ad blocker for a blind web surfer?

Episode 1236

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian is visually impaired and is frustrated by popups that he can't see when he's using his screen reader, because it takes forever to read them all. He needs a good ad blocker that can prevent them. Leo says that this is one case where ad blockers are a good ethical use. Leo recommends the FireFox extension UBlock Origin. It's also available on Google Chrome. Advertising is important, as it helps to pay the bills online.

How can I get rid of ads in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Mail

Episode 1076

Stan from Irvine, CA

Stan says that Yahoo's ads are popping up now in his email and he can't get rid of them unless he pays for Yahoo Pro. Is there any other way he can get rid of them? Leo says that Yahoo is a free service and the price he pays is in seeing ads. If he wants to pay for Yahoo Pro, then he won't see the ads. He could also do this with a toolbar called "AdBlock," but Leo feels it's unethical to avoid the ads if he's expecting the service for free.

How can I reset my Safari browser after getting locked up by a pop up?

Reset Safari

Episode 1055

Marshall from Albequerque, NM

Marshall was on the LA Weekly music blog and it locked up Safari. Leo says being on a Mac, it's unlikely to be a browser hijack. Marshall says he can't even reset it, though. So he force quit and went back to the site and it's still the same. This was probably trying to install a Windows program on his Mac, because these attacks don't target Macs.

The chatroom is saying to hold down Shift while opening Safari. That will keep it from opening the previous session, which had the site that was causing him problems. He should still reset his Safari browser from the menu, though.