Is there an ethernet to USB cable or adaptor for an Android tablet?

Bobjgear Ethernet Adaptor for Android

Episode 983

Nelle from Highland, CA

Nelle has a Toshiba Thrive Android tablet, but anytime she has to download something big, she has to connect to Wi-Fi. She has problems finding and connecting to public Wi-Fi spots, though.

She'd rather get an ethernet to USB adaptor so she can hardwire it in to the internet at her work. Leo says that is an interesting solution. She should look into the Bobjgear Ethernet Adaptor for Android, which should be able to do that.

How can I connect my old laptop to my HDTV?

Episode 978

Paul from Palmdale, CA

Paul would like to connect his old laptop to his HDTV, but he doesn't have a VGA input on his TV. Paul only has a VGA output on his laptop, though. Leo says ideally, he'd want to use HDMI. Many modern laptops can use DLNA or Wi-Fi Direct that plays video over the air. Apple calls their version of this "Airplay". Paul's laptop probably doesn't support it, though.