Why are HP Chromebooks being recalled?

Episode 1031

Scott from North Edwards, CA

Scott has heard that Chromebooks are being recalled. Leo says that the recall is applicable to the HP Chromebook, and it has to do with a potentially faulty power supply. So, just to be safe, HP is recalling them. This stuff happens and often it's just a precaution. Leo says that if he's going to get another one, avoid the Google brand because they are more expensive. The Acer and Samsung Chromebooks are a good deal.

What laptop should I get for college?

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Episode 1007

Kevin from La Crescenta, CA

Kevin's son is heading off to college and he's looking at laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. He's wondering what would be the best choice for an accounting major. Leo says that Lenovo running Windows 8 is a real good choice. He should get a touch screen. Leo likes the Acer Aspire S7. It's very thin and light. Don't go cheap, because it'll be his main education and entertainment tool. If he can, he should get a professional grade laptop.

What's the best small and lightweight PC?

Episode 1003

Arizona Lou from Hutchinson, KS

Lou has a netbook and it's really slow. He likes the size because it's compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, but he's ready for something with more performance and quality. Size is still a factor, though. He does edit video for his website, so it has to handle that, and he's always been a Windows user.

Leo recommends the ultrabooks like the Acer S7. Lou wants a spinning drive for more capacity, but Leo says he can get an external drive to handle all the storage.

What's the best budget laptop that could do video editing?

Episode 993

Jesse from Thousand Oaks, CA

Jesse is looking to get an Acer laptop. Leo says that Acer is a pretty good low cost option. She's looking to spend $1,000 and wants it to be scalable. Leo says that she can add memory and a larger hard drive, but that's about it. Laptops aren't usually upgradeable.

Leo says for $1,000 she could get an 11" MacBook Air, but that screen is tiny.

Why did I lose my audio after restoring Windows on my Acer Aspire One?

Episode 963

Dana from Georgia

Dana has an Acer Aspire One netbook and when he restored the OS, he lost his sound drivers. Leo says to run Windows update. If that doesn't do it, then he can go to Acer's support site and get the drivers from there. The Windows update should fix it, though. The chatroom says another option is to use Linux Mint.