How Can I Move Closed Captioning Location On My TV?

Closed Captioning

Episode 1787

Ken from Corona, CA

Ken got a new Vizio TV for Christmas, and he uses closed captioning. But it appears in the middle of the picture. Nobody seems to know how to move it to the bottom, where it belongs. Leo says that it could be a setting on the TV that does it. It depends on where the closed captioning is coming from. Check out this tech note from Vizio. Press CC on the remote. Then the menu.

Is Accessibility Really Part of Technology Design or an Afterthought?

iPhone iPad Accessibility

Episode 1784

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian Vargas of TechJV is our resident accessibility expert, and he's calling in to comment on the caller in hour one who doesn't like touchscreen monitors because they don't really help the blind. Julian says that's doesn't mean they shouldn't exist or any other technology. The more technology advances, the more accessibility can be built into it. But it must be part of the design so those who are blind can still take advantage of technology advancements. The iPhone is a perfect example. Julian says that Google Lens is a great app for making your Android devices more accessible.

How Can I Get Help Booking a Vaccine if I Have Accessibility Issues?

Vaccinate LA

Episode 1780

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian is TWIT's resident accessibility expert, and he's calling in because he heard Leo talk about accessibility with a previous caller. Some have had difficulties using the web for booking their vaccines. Julian says that VaccinateLA offers a phone booking at 833-540-0473. They'll ask several questions, but pressing 1-1-1-1 will get you to a phone operator who can search for you. It is a lot easier.

How Can I Use an Old TV Today?

Old 2000's TV

Episode 1777

Doug from Panorama City, CA

Doug hasn't had a computer or smartphone, but now he wants to connect. He also wants to watch TV, and his sets are too old. Leo says that you may be able to get a converter for free still since Doug is disabled. But they aren't that expensive to buy. Doug will also need an antenna or at least an internet or cable subscription. Another option to get an iPad or tablet with internet access. Leo recommends connecting with an Independent Living Resource Center and can get an adaptive living expert to help you find the solutions you need.

Are Permanently Implanted Hearing Aids Worth the Price?


Episode 1774

Marcia from Brea, CA

Marcia has lost 80% of her hearing and has had the Envoy Esteem implantable hearing aid installed. The nice thing is that one never takes them out and it's about as close to natural hearing as anyone can remember. It has a two-year battery. Leo says they aren't cheap though, at $30,000. But can one put a price on being able to hear again?

Are There Any Podcasts About Adaptive Technology for the Elderly?


Episode 1769

Heather from Kinderhook, NY

Heather wants to know if there's a show for adaptive technologies for older retired people. Leo says that while that would be valuable and we should see more content like that, advertisers seem to want to cater to younger demographics with disposable income. But he hopes that as boomers get older, advertisers will see value in this larger audience segment. But Leo pledges to do something about it.