AC adapters

How can I Make Sure My Power Device Doesn't Blow Out?

player piano

Episode 1743

Dan from St. Petersburg, FL

Dan converts regular pianos into player pianos for a living. He wants to know how he can make sure he isn't drawing too much amperage or wattage and damage the power device. How can he prevent that? Leo says that in general, a power brick won't work if it doesn't match the wattage. Leo says that watts are volts times amps. So watts are where he'll want to be careful. So take the volts and multiple by amps, and see what voltage it can take. Both should be on the power supply or adapter.  

Why won't my laptop run off my AC adapter?

Episode 1370

Dana from Georgia

Dana is vision impaired and he's excited that Windows new Holographic edition will have a talking installer. Ctrl + Windows + Enter will enable the narrator.

He also has an Acer computer with 500GB hard drive. After ejecting the hard drive, the computer shut down and wouldn't turn back on. Why didn't it work with the AC adapter? Leo says that if he has a bad battery, most laptops won't work even if it is plugged in. It may be part of a power conditioning system.

Why is my laptop not working with the AC adapter I bought online for it?

Episode 947

Michael from Upland, CA

Michael has a laptop adapter that burned out. He bought a new one online and now there's something wrong with his laptop. Leo says it could be powering on but the LCD screen isn't lighting up. Michael also found out that the voltage doesn't match his original one. Leo says matching voltage is vital to run the laptop, and if it's underpowered, it just won't work. When working with a laptop, it's best to stick with the original laptop manufacturer version, and not a cheap, Chinese knock off.