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Can I Upgrade to 64-bit Windows?

Windows 10

Episode 1578

Storm from Texas

Storm bought a computer in 2007 and has been updating it until Windows 10, where it won't upgrade because of her GPU. Now she's replaced her graphics card and Windows 10 finally installed!  But she wants to know if she really has a 64-bit system. She looked at the specs and sees the phrase X64, which Leo says indicates 64-bit architecture. Upgrading also depends on how much RAM she has. So if she feels limited, then go to 64-bit in Windows 10.

Why don't my apps run after a Windows 10 update?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1438

Dave from Wichita Falls, TX

Dave had a problem with a Windows update and he realized that if he deleted another program that Roxio installed, then it worked just fine. But now several programs he relies upon don't work. Leo says that it could be a problem with apps that are 32-bit, though Windows 10 still supports them. Microsoft may have killed off third-party 32-bit support. There is a program compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10 Control Panel. It could walk him through how to run his app in compatibility mode.

Can I upgrade 32 bit Windows 10 to 64 bit?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1383

Greg from Aspen Park, CO

Greg has an employee who downloaded the 32 bit version of Windows 10 and installed it by mistake, rather than the 64 bit version. Can he reinstall it? Leo says that he'll probably have to wipe the drive and install from scratch. So he should make sure to backup the data first and then format the drive. He can't just upgrade on top of it, unfortunately.

Should I be running Windows in 32 or 64 bit?

Episode 1167

Sean from Burbank, CA

Sean bought a used HP Touchsmart computer running Windows 7. He's planning to restore it and wants to know if he should change the OS to 32 bit or keep it at 64 bit. Leo says it doesn't make any difference except for the amount of RAM he has. If it has more than 4GB, then he should keep 64 bit. If not, then go for 32 bit.

If he runs into issues with Windows Genuine Advantage, he may need to contact Microsoft. Is 64 bit faster? Leo says not always, in fact, in some cases it can even be slower. But with a massive amount of data, using 64 bit is faster.

Why doesn't the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 run in 64 bit?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Episode 1124

Alan from Los Angeles, CA

Alan is thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but hears that it won't run 64 bit software. Leo says that really doesn't matter. All 64 bit can do is address more memory and handle larger chunks of data. But he doesn't really need 64 bit. Samsung is only doing this because Apple did it last year. There's no real benefit for a mobile phone right now. This is more likely the difference between the Xenos Opticore Processor (in Europe) and the Qualcomm Snapdragon (in the US).

Do I need 64 bit Windows 7?

Episode 993

Steve from Ohio

Steve bought a new laptop with 32 bit Windows 7, but he can't see all of his RAM. Leo says that's because 32 bit will only see 4GB of RAM, so if he has more than that, he'll need to go with 64 bit Windows 7. Can he install it over the 32 bit? Leo says it's better to format the hard drive and start over. The chatroom says that he doesn't need to buy another copy, just download it from Microsoft and use the same License key.

How can I move all of my 32 bit software to 64 bit computers?

Episode 966

Dudge from New Jersey

Dudge is having a hard time moving to 64 bit. Leo says that the only advantage of 64 bit is to address more memory for gaming, video editing apps, and the like. If his software works fine in 32 bit, then there's no real reason to go to 64 bit. Leo says to keep using what he has until it stops working. When it stops working, upgrade everything.

Why can't I get Java to run on my 64-bit version of Internet Explorer?

Episode 922

Henry from Escondido, CA

Windows comes with both 64 and 32 bit versions of IE, because there are some utilities like Java that don't run on 64 bit. Java does have a 64 bit version, however.

64-bit Windows is really only utilized on systems with more than 4GB of RAM. If he doesn't have that, there's no disadvantage to running 32-bit Windows.

Why Won't Windows Home Server 2011 Install on Windows Vista?

Episode 881

Theo from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada

Theo says he has a 64 bit processor and he's running 32 bit Windows, and thinks that might have something to do with it. Leo says it shouldn't matter that he's using a 32 bit version of Windows on a 64 bit processor. All processors are 64 bit and can run 32 bit operating systems. Theo says whenever he initiates the setup for Windows Home Server, it tells him the version he's trying to install isn't compatible with the version of Windows he's running.