Will European cell phones work in the US?

Episode 1238

Carol from Manhattan Beach, CA

Carol wants a bronze gold Samsung Galaxy Note IV but they're only sold in Europe. Will it work in the US? Leo says it will with T-Mobile. She should check out Expansys.com and make sure it's carrier unlocked. She'll also want to be sure that all US frequencies are supported. It may not support LTE. But Leo gets his phones from Expansys. They'll tell you if it supports all the frequencies in the US.

Is Sprint's unlimited data plan a good idea?

Episode 938

Carlos from West Covina, CA

Carlos' contract is up and he's thinking of getting Sprint because they have unlimited data plans. Leo says the reason why Sprint has an unlimited data plan is that it's a crappy network. There's talk they're bringing more LTE 4G coverage, it may be worth it, but their WiMax 4G is terrible and 3G is slower now. AT&T is consistently rated the fastest, and since Carlos is with AT&T, it may be a good idea to just stick with them. They're certainly no worse than any other carrier.

Is there a service provider that would allow me to buy only data and nothing else on my smartphone?

Episode 933

Pete from Riverside, CA

Leo says that this is coming. Dish Network is starting a mobile company that will offer data only. This is where all the mobile companies are trying to go, dropping voice altogether and sticking with the high speed data networks like 4G & LTE.

How can I get better wireless reception from Verizon out here on my ranch?

Episode 918

Jim from Winchester, CA

The issue is Jim's distance from the cell site. If he has line of site to it, he may be able to get an external directional antenna that would re-transmit the signal into his house. Check out CellAntenna.com. Look into the Yagi antennas. Wilson Electronics also makes cell signal boosters but he'll want to be sure he's getting an antenna that supports 4G/LTE.