Will My Old Galaxy Phone Stop Working Soon?


Episode 1791

David from Orange, CA

David heard that Verizon will no longer support 3G data, and as such his older Galaxy S6 mobile phone won't be able to support data. Leo says that's because Verizon is retiring their 3G and CDMA towers. David has some time though, as the retirement isn't scheduled to be concluded until 2022. But eventually, he'll have to upgrade his phone. But Verizon says the limit is the S4 or prior, so the S6 should still be supported for 4G/LTE. And there are a lot of modern phones that are affordable if on a budget. Some as low as $300.

Is Spectrum wireless service slow by design?


Episode 1601

Steve from Nashville, TN

Steve signed up with Spectrum, using Verizon and the best he could get for his iPhone 7 is 3G. Leo says that's terrible. Verizon is much better than that, and it sounds like Comcast is going cheap on buying wholesale data and then reselling it.  Also, while you're using Verizon's network, Verizon is giving priority to their own customers. So you get a slower experience. Spectrum is hoping you'll be close enough to an Xfinity Access point via WiFi. But half the time, there's nothing there!

How can I get internet radio without a smartphone?

Grace Digitial Internet Radio

Episode 1050

Lynn from California

Lynn wants to know she could get to receive internet radio without needing a smartphone. Leo says he uses one from Grace Digital which is also an alarm clock. She would have to have wireless internet access, though. Lynn also wants a portable option. Leo says that a radio over a 3G or 4G connection will do. A smartphone, for instance, can do this with the right app. An iPod Touch would also work. Again, she would still need an internet access, though.

Is there a system that will help me find free Wi-Fi signals while on the road?

Episode 968

Chris from Knoxville, TN

Chris is a long haul trucker who surfs for free Wi-Fi wherever he can find it. Is there a system that will help him find WiFi signals? Leo says not really. Wi-Fi is really designed for a range of about 300 feet. That's why the 3G/4G access is so sophisticated. It has to do with handing off from one area to another.

How much bandwidth should I buy on 3G?


Episode 959

Corina from California

Corina wants to get a mobile device that she can stream video to watch. How much bandwidth should she get for a 3G tablet? Leo says that 8GB is usually fine, but if she's going to stream video from it, it's better to stream via WiFi and not 3G. Video takes up a lot bandwidth and she can burn through 1GB an hour watching it. Most portable devices have a memory for WiFi that it's near, and will automatically join a hotspot.

What are alternatives for rural internet access?

Episode 956

Jennifer from Acton, CA

Jennifer lives out in the sticks and has no Internet access. Can she use her cellular internet with her computer? Her reception isn't that great for 3G. Leo says that's not going to work. Latency and lag will kill her internet service over 3G. And the bandwidth caps aren't really worth it either, especially if she's gaming. There are some solutions like Satellite - Dish offers 4G speeds for about $30 a month. Wild Blue Excede is another.

How can I improve streaming video over 3G?

Episode 939

Doug from Murrieta, GA

Leo say that relying on 3G access to steam video through his iPhone may be problematic for video since streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth. Cellphone internet access is spotty and is dependent on how many users are on the cell site at any given time. It may also be that Doug needs a cellphone signal extender to improve the signal to the RV.

Unfortunately, there may be little to do, with congestion, bandwidth caps, etc.