Would better 3D glasses improve the 3D on my TV?

Episode 971

Cindy from Ventura, CA

Cindy just got a new LG 3D HDTV, but the glasses aren't that great. Is there a better brand of glasses? Leo says no. They're not going to be any better because the technology is a passive 3D, which just appears dim. It's just the nature of the 3D beast. Cindy says it doesn't even really look 3D all the time. Leo says that Oakley makes better 3D glasses but Cindy has to know if it's RealD 3D or some other technology. She needs to get the right glasses for the type of 3D that the TV uses. The best ones are made by Gunnars.

What should I look for when purchasing HDTVs?

Episode 877

Marsha from San Jose, CA

Leo goes through all of the things he suggests to look at when getting a new HDTV.

  • When buying more than one, get them all from the same manufacturer.
  • Marsha wants to get 3 for different parts of the house, and Leo recommends to get them from the same company so the picture looks uniform across the different TVs.

  • Get an LED backlit LCD TV.
  • Leo recommends LCD over plasma because they are thinner and use less power. The term "LED" refers to how the LCD screen is backlit, and LED is certainly the type to get.