3D scanning

How can I take a 360 degree image of something?

Sony A7

Episode 1706

JP from Orange County, CA

JP is looking for a good photographer's 360 turntable. Essentially, it's a lazy susan for photographers. Leo says that there's software now that largely lets you do this with just your iPhone. The app is called Bellus 3D and it does a very credible 3D render of your object. 

What's a good mirrorless camera for JP to move away from his Canon DSLR? Leo says he loves the Sony A7, but since JP has all that Canon glass (lenses) that he's invested in, the Canon R series is probably the best way to go. 

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Episode 1073

Ralph from Clairmont, CA

Ralph creates 3D characters and then carves them out of foam for Disney. He's employing the same technology and starting a new business where he uses a cat scanner and laser 3D scanner, then 3D prints it to create accurate miniature dinosaur skulls that he casts in precious metals. Check out Ralph's Kickstarter campaign. Leo says it's a shameless plug, but he loves it and has to have one.