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Why doesn't my password vault work in iOS 11?


Episode 1439

Fred from Anchorage, AL

Fred has an iPhone 6 that's been updated to iOS 11. But when he updated it, he lost his password vault file. Leo says that Apple discontinued support for 32-bit apps in iOS11 and as such, a lot of apps simply broke and stopped working. They won't work unless the developer updates them. Fred will have to contact the app developer and see if they're working on a solution. If it backed up the data to DropBox then he may see it there.

Why don't my apps run after a Windows 10 update?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1438

Dave from Wichita Falls, TX

Dave had a problem with a Windows update and he realized that if he deleted another program that Roxio installed, then it worked just fine. But now several programs he relies upon don't work. Leo says that it could be a problem with apps that are 32-bit, though Windows 10 still supports them. Microsoft may have killed off third-party 32-bit support. There is a program compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10 Control Panel. It could walk him through how to run his app in compatibility mode.

How can I move all of my 32 bit software to 64 bit computers?

Episode 966

Dudge from New Jersey

Dudge is having a hard time moving to 64 bit. Leo says that the only advantage of 64 bit is to address more memory for gaming, video editing apps, and the like. If his software works fine in 32 bit, then there's no real reason to go to 64 bit. Leo says to keep using what he has until it stops working. When it stops working, upgrade everything.

Why Won't Windows Home Server 2011 Install on Windows Vista?

Episode 881

Theo from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada

Theo says he has a 64 bit processor and he's running 32 bit Windows, and thinks that might have something to do with it. Leo says it shouldn't matter that he's using a 32 bit version of Windows on a 64 bit processor. All processors are 64 bit and can run 32 bit operating systems. Theo says whenever he initiates the setup for Windows Home Server, it tells him the version he's trying to install isn't compatible with the version of Windows he's running.