Heil PR 40


The Heil PR 40 is an excellent microphone for broadcasters, content creators, and vocal personalities. It features a wide frequency range, a low mass shock-mounted diaphragm, and dual mesh screens. There is also an internal breath blast filter on the diaphragm element, improving response for several vocal ranges without annoying "popping" sounds. The product is great for musical instruments too, such as guitar, bass drums, and tom drums. The mic is available in Chrome, Gold, Black, Champagne, and Black with a Gold grill. Packaging includes a carry bag and mic clip, while windscreens are sold separately. Warranty is three years for parts and ninety days for labor. The PR 40 weighs 13.5 oz and possesses a frequency response from 28 Hz – 18 kHz. Check out Bob Heil's appearances on the TWiT network!