Episode 1809

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Getting Windows 10 to read your Network Attached Storage, using your MacBook Air with two monitors, OLED TV options, curating your favorite music on Spotify, Gmail issues with a VPN, talking to Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1808

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Western Digital MyBook Live NAS drives could be remotely wiped, Windows 11 will only work on newer computers, the best solutions to back up your hard drive, is Apple's spacial audio the future of music? Are iPhones more secure than Android? Travel news updates with Johnny Jet, keeping an American phone number when moving to Belize, the future of Windows, finding a faster DNS service, is this the right time to buy a new Mac Mini? Does Facebook open you up to malware? Portable neck fans with the GizWiz and more of your calls!

Episode 1807

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Why a caller's number may be blocked on another person's phone, connecting your TV to Sonos speakers, what drive to put your Windows programs on, good choices for a router & modem, moving Windows over to a new hard drive, monitor ones' online activity on a tablet, using Chromecast without WiFi, talking to Chris Marquardt, and more of your calls!

Episode 1806

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Are you ready for Windows 11? Improve Wi-Fi range, problems resetting your Windows password, Scott Wilkinson has seen a true holographic display, what printer should I buy? Moving contacts from an old Windows phone to a new Android phone, why does my internet keep dropping out? Johnny Jet is back in the air, finding a good laptop for college, getting Yahoo mail in Windows, the AeroPress Go with the GizWiz, and more of your calls!

Episode 1805

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Using parental controls on iPad, how to backup Gmail, reinstalling Windows without a password, best phone for senior citizens, and more of your calls! Plus chats with Sam Abuelsamid about 'Over the Air' updates on cars, Chris Marquart on tips for photographing in the heat, and Rod Pyle on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' plan to take a ride on Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket.

Episode 1804

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Setting up a new Mac Mini, talking about Apple's Spatial Audio with Scott Wilkinson, troubleshooting when your TV's remote controls the wrong device, the future of virtual reality, syncing calendars across devices, mobile data options for an RV, getting data off an old laptop, backing up an iPhone that won't turn on, Google is deleting my homework, tiny but powerful chargers from Anker with the GizWiz and more of your calls!

Episode 1803

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Can you connect a microphone to Bluetooth headphones, fast way to scan thousands of photographs, why DropBox is removing files from a caller's computer, ways to protect your business network, affordable office suite choices, can your smartphone get hacked into, talking to Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquart, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1802

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Microsoft rumored to launch Windows 11 soon, personal cloud storage with network-attached storage (NAS), Home Theater Geek' Scott Wilkinson on Vizio's 2022 TV line-up, Johnny Jett on Boom Supersonic, the best way to backup terabytes of data, using Gmail with a custom domain, and more of your calls.

Episode 1801

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Should you be wary of Amazon Sidewalk? iPad Pro vs. a MacBook, Google Photos is about to eliminate free unlimited storage, using an iPad without a credit card, Sam Abuelsamid: will electric trucks still be able to tow a trailer? Will Hires music be better with the new Apple TV? The best tablet for traveling, what kind of computer should I get for flight simulators? Rod Pyle talks about aliens and more of your calls!

Episode 1800

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Trying to speed up an older laptop, converting audio speech into text, troubleshooting why a caller can't boot to the new SSD they installed, more microphone recommendations, good OLED TV options, moving data between Macs, Scott Wilkinson and a new streaming speaker, Dick DeBartolo and the $6 universal microphone, and more of your calls!