This Week in Tech News

New Law to Expand Surveillance State

Graham Blumenthal EARN IT Act

Episode 1676

A new bipartisan bill will greatly expand the surveillance state by giving government the power to decrypt anything. Leo says that the Graham Blumenthal EARN IT Act will end any notion of privacy that we have. It's happened in Russia, Australia, Sweden, and now the US. It'll also be interesting how it will affect the new iPhone.

New iPhone coming Amid Shortages

iPhone 11

Episode 1676

A new iPhone will be coming next month, and as of now, most retailers are experiencing a shortage of mobile phone handsets since FoxConn factories have been shut down and retooled to create masks to combat the Corona Virus.

Intuit Buys Credit Karma


Episode 1674

Intuit has bought credit reporting app Credit Karma for $7 Billion. Leo says that Intuit isn't really buying the app: they don't care. What they are buying is your personal credit data, which Intuit says is worth about $70 a head. Leo thinks that a person should be able to opt-out or at least get some value from their own personal data. 

Leo Changes His Mind on the Samsung Z Flip Phone

 Z Flip

Episode 1671

After ordering it and waiting 10 days with no sign of the Samsung Galaxy Flip Phone, Leo decided to cancel the order. By the time he would have gotten it, the world would have moved on as other reviews are now out. So he decided to save $1600. Leo also thinks that everyone is getting sick of the mobile phone merry go round, where a new mobile phone comes out every six months.

EU: All Mobile Phones Now Have to Have Compatible Chargers


Episode 1671

The EU has passed a law that mandates that all mobile phones must be using a standard charger, namely USB-C. Apple, of course, hates the new law and will likely resist it legally. Because at $40 apiece, they make a lot of money on Lightning chargers. Leo says that forcing Apple to shift over to a standard connector is a good thing.

Conferences Being Cancelled Due to Corona Virus Outbreak


Episode 1671

Several upcoming technology conferences have been canceled due to fears of the spread of the Corona Virus worldwide. Leo says that the outbreak is also causing many manufacturers in China to suspend manufacture of mobile devices and other technologies, and will be making face masks for the near future.

Millions Use Borrowed Passwords to Stream


Episode 1669

According to a recent report, 11 million streamers are mooching off of other streamers by using their passwords. One in three shares their login with someone else. The report also saw that Millenials are more likely to share, causing a billion in lost revenue.