This Week in Tech News

Google Photos Unlimited Storage Ends Tuesday


Episode 1801

This Tuesday, Google Photos will end its unlimited storage feature, in favor of just 15GB per user account. After which, users will be charged $2 a month for 100 GB. But users can upload as many photos as they want until Tuesday and it won't count against that cap. So now is the time to take your day off and backup all those images to your Google Photos account before it's too late. Other options ... Amazon Prime Members get free unlimited storage. Shutterfly also offers unlimited storage. 

Apple Event Coming June 7th

Apple Event Coming June 7th

Episode 1800

Another Apple event is coming June 7th, and that means as of now, it's a terrible time to buy a new Apple product. Leo advises that if you're in the market for an Apple device, to WAIT until you find out what's being announced.

Google I/O Developers Conference Is a Boring Event with No New Products

Episode 1799

With the exception of an update to Google Wear smartwatches that now includes FitBit technology, Google had little to show off at their annual Google I/O keynote. Android 12 was also highlighted, as well as Lambda, a conversation technology between a human and a computer. But Leo says it's largely still experimental and in the lab. The bottom line is that Google is a search and advertising company, just as they have always been.

Up next is Microsoft's developer conference and then Apple's WWDC in June. 

Lackluster Google I/O Offers Lots of Features, Few Products


Episode 1798

From Google Photo's Patterns to Fitbit returning under Google Wear, this year's Google I/O wasn't really much to talk about. But Project Starline has some promise. It's a 3D technology where you don't have to wear special glasses. It uses a special light field projector that essentially creates a 3D version of someone on the other side, It promises to make it look like the person you're talking to is right there beside you.

Twitter to Offer Paid Social Media Option


Episode 1797

Twitter has announced a new paid subscription tier that will give users the option to edit their tweets or flat out undo them (isn't that what the delete function does?). The cost will be around $2.99 a month. Leo says that Twitter is trying to make a profit now, and promoted tweets aren't doing it.

Leo's New iPad is Coming

iPad Pro

Episode 1796

Leo ordered one of the new iPads, and it's almost as expensive as a MacBook. But it has 2TB of storage, has the best screen of any portable with miniLED backlighting, and it uses the same M1 processor. So it's just as powerful and just as expensive. Leo says that Apple is serious about people not treating the iPad as just a mobile toy anymore. It's a serious computing device. 

AI Wins Crossword Puzzle Tournament


Episode 1795

For the first time, a computer using artificial intelligence named "Dr. Fill" has defeated all humans at an elite crossword puzzle tournament. Leo says that crosswords are very human with puns and definitions, so this may be a bigger deal than when a computer beats a human at chess.