This Week in Tech News

EU: All Mobile Phones Now Have to Have Compatible Chargers


Episode 1671

The EU has passed a law that mandates that all mobile phones must be using a standard charger, namely USB-C. Apple, of course, hates the new law and will likely resist it legally. Because at $40 apiece, they make a lot of money on Lightning chargers. Leo says that forcing Apple to shift over to a standard connector is a good thing.

Conferences Being Cancelled Due to Corona Virus Outbreak


Episode 1671

Several upcoming technology conferences have been canceled due to fears of the spread of the Corona Virus worldwide. Leo says that the outbreak is also causing many manufacturers in China to suspend manufacture of mobile devices and other technologies, and will be making face masks for the near future.

Millions Use Borrowed Passwords to Stream


Episode 1669

According to a recent report, 11 million streamers are mooching off of other streamers by using their passwords. One in three shares their login with someone else. The report also saw that Millenials are more likely to share, causing a billion in lost revenue. 

Samsung Announces S20 Mobile Phones


Episode 1669

Samsung has announced its latest line of Galaxy S20 mobile phones starting at $1000. And while Leo likes the phones a lot, he's burned out with the constant latest and greatest upgrade cycle. But what's more interesting is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which is a flip phone that opens up into a smartphone. That's $1400, though. Leo has ordered one, but he has yet to receive it because most of the stock went to stores in large cities.

Another Windows 7 Bug Gets Discovered after End of Life

RIP Windows 7

Episode 1668

Microsoft has discovered a second bug to Windows 7, just a few weeks after Microsoft proclaimed the end of life to the operating system. The first was a wallpaper bug which Microsoft fixed, but wasn't the end of the world. This new bug may pop up when users try to shut down their computers, telling them they don't have the permission to shut down the machine. Microsoft has said that after the Windows 7 end of life, they won't be patching the OS anymore, but Leo suspects they'll fix this one.

Netflix Finally Turns off Autoplay


Episode 1667

The big tech story this week is that Netflix finally gives viewers the option to turn off the annoying Autoplay feature within its app. There are several ways including a profile setting or with a checkbox on the show, you're watching. FINALLY!

Used Tesla Car Dealer Sells Car with Autopilot. Tesla Turns it Off


Episode 1667

A used car dealer bought a used Tesla directly from the carmaker, with autopilot and a host of other features. He then passed the car along to a customer who wanted the autopilot feature. Tesla turned it off, saying that the customer didn't pay Tesla for the feature. Leo says that is the realm we are in now, companies can disable features and hold them hostage until the new owner pays up.