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New iPhones Confirmed with Apple Announcement

iphone 12

Episode 1737

Apple had their "Hi Speed" iPhone event Tuesday, confirming four new iPhones including the new iPhone Mini. But Leo says that they left a few things hanging including when the new Apple Silicon Macs will be announced. Leo says it's likely going to be a seperate event around the middle of November. Tuesday, all Apple talked about is the new Homepod Mini, an intelligent voice assistant/speaker running Siri. The important thing about the HPMini is the price. $99 putting it closer in line with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Home Assistant. 

Four iPhones to be Announced at Tuesday Apple Event

iPhone 12 Event 10/13/20

Episode 1736

Leo says that this coming Tuesday, Apple will announce four new iPhones, including the smaller 5.4" iPhone Mini. There will also be a 6.1" iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7" iPhone 12 Pro Max. Prices will start at $799. That's the rumor, anyway. There will be six different colors and Dual cameras for the smaller iPhones and three cameras for the pro versions. The pro versions will also have Gold, Silver and Graphite blue colors. Lidar will also be added for augmented reality, which Leo says nobody needs or wants.

Apple Hi, Speed Event Tuesday


Episode 1735

Coming Tuesday, Apple is having another event, hinted by the title "Hi, Speed."  Leo says the event is believed the launch of Apple's new 5G capable iPhone 12. There will be four new models, including a new "iPhone Mini," all supported with 5G, even though Leo says that 5G doesn't matter. This is because there's low band 5G, which isn't any faster than LTE, and then mid-high range 5G. Leo says that it will be at least a year or two before 5G will be widespread in this country. Until then, 5G is just marketing.

Microsoft Announces Permanent Work at Home Option


Episode 1735

This week, Microsoft announced that employees can opt to work at home permanently now. They will give up their office space, but Leo says who needs it? Leo also believes the Covid19 outbreak will be a seed change, prompting more work from home options, keeping cars off the road. And that's a good thing.

Google's Yawner of an Event...


Episode 1733

Leo says that Google's event this week was rather dull and disappointing, muddying the waters of what's coming. First came the Google Pixel 5, which seems a step backward from the Pixel 4. Then they announced a 5G version of the Pixel 4a, which Leo says it more like the 5A with 5g connectivity. Leo says widespread 5G is still more hype and at least a year away. So it's kinda confusing.

Then came the return of GoogleTV, an update to AndroidTV. Chromecast is back with GoogleTV built-in for $49 and remote control. 

Leo Got the Series 6 Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6

Episode 1732

Leo got the new Apple Watch Series 6 this week and has seen up close the hand washing and pulse oximeter features. And it works well! Leo also got a new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which he says is incredibly expensive and looks very fragile. Don't drop this one because it's guaranteed to break. So if you tend to drop your phone, this isn't the phone for you.

Amazon Announces New Indoor Security Drone?

Amazon's Ring Camera Drone

Episode 1732

Amazon has been working two years on an indoor drone that will act as a security sentry for your home. If your RING Alarm security system detects an intruder, the drone will fly around to locate the breach. It costs $250 and it has been designed to avoid any drapes or windows, or anything that it could break, and record its flight. Uploading it for your review.