This Week in Tech News

Leo Tests the Microsoft Surface Duo


Episode 1727

Leo got the Microsoft Surface Duo Android device this week, the first Android phone that Microsoft has ever produced. The oversized "phablet," has dual screens and opens up like a paperback book. Both screens can work in concert or independently, and Leo says with the Kindle App, it's the best digital reading experience he's ever had. It has also given him all-day battery life, so it's quite usable.

But the Duo has its buggy issues. It can crash and freeze up, forcing one to reboot. Microsoft has pushed out an update, but it hasn't really helped. It also has a terrible camera. 

Political Campaigns Move Advertising from TV to YouTube

Episode 1726

Another indication of the world content changing, the Trump Campaign is moving nearly all their advertising dollars away from TV to YouTube. Leo says that this just shows how people are getting the content they crave, and that it's wiser to send your message where they currently are, and that's YouTube.

FCC Rules Cable Cards Are No Longer Mandated

Cable Card

Episode 1726

This week, the FCC ruled that cable cards or "navigation devices" are being eliminated from their mandated reporting requirements. The FCC has determined that at less than a half-million users, with it dropping by 50,000 every year, it is no longer required for cable companies to have to report them or support them.

Elon Musk Demonstrates Neural Link Technology

Elon Musk's Neural Link Technology

Episode 1724

Elon Musk demonstrated a brain/computer interface called Neural Link today. Testing it out on a pig, the interface sends and receives information via Bluetooth. The first step is being able to read brain waves directly. Leo says that 10-100 years from now, could be commonplace. 

Social Media Is Becoming a Tool for Propaganda, Pushing Towards the Extremes


Episode 1722

Leo says that because Social Media algorithms are designed to keep followers engaged, the various platforms are actually becoming tools for propaganda (no matter which side of an issue you're on), pushing people towards extremes. Can we use our own common sense to avoid the trap while online? Leo says we can, but the algorithms are making it difficult.

"Vishing" is the latest online scam to steal your company login information


Episode 1721

Much like phishing and spear-phishing, VISHING is the latest online scam designed to steal your logins. Only VISHING uses voicemail to do it, according to the FBI and the Cyber Security Agency (CISA). They are targeted attacks on employees of corporations using voicemail to get users working at home to call back and then use social engineering to steal VPN credentials. Check out Brian Krebs' article here.

Microsoft Surprises with New Tablet-like Announcement


Episode 1719

Microsoft surprised everyone this week with the announcement of a two-screen mobile device, that Leo describes the Surface DUO as a kind of folding notebook you'd get at a bookstore. Like a pocket-sized portfolio or Moleskine. It has two 6" screens that when unfolded creates an 8" diagonal tablet running Android. The screens can work in concert or independently for multi-tasking.  Leo stresses that Microsoft insists the DUO is NOT a phone, but an internet-enabled device that can also make phone calls.