This Week in Tech News

Israeli Security Company Selling Exploits for Government Spying


Episode 1849

An Israeli company known as the NSO Group is in the business of selling exploits to governments in order to spy on people online. The company collects bugs in operating systems, be it desktop or mobile, and then offers them to governments in order to put malware on people they wish to surveil. The NSO Group assures that they don't sell to repressive regimes, but Leo says that some of their clientele is pretty sketch. And if you're spying on your citizens, how legitimate are you, really?  

Samsung to Build Chip Factory in Texas


Episode 1848

In response to the current computer chip shortage, Samsung has announced plans to build a $17 billion computer chip factory in Texas. Leo says that chip manufacturers have committed to increasing chip availability to meet the unbelievable demand in just about every sector of technology.

Meta Blasts Holiday Football Games with Ads


Episode 1847

Facebook's rebranded META company plastered major holiday football games with ads this week. Leo says the Zuckerberg-run company is seeking to influence regulatory agencies by convincing the public to pass laws favoring their brand of content moderation. Leo adds that what terrifies Facebook isn't the government, but competition. So by getting in on the ground floor of content moderation, they can shape the landscape in their favor. 

Apple Announces Self Repair Initiative

 Self Repair Initiative

Episode 1845

After fighting the right to repair movement for years, Apple announced this week a new program that will allow iPhone users to repair their own devices. The program starts with mobile phones, but Apple plans to expand to tablets, desktops, and maybe even laptops. The program will make parts available, as well as repair manuals. 

Infrastructure Bill To Provide Billions for Rural Internet Access

Wifi Rural Access

Episode 1844

In what Leo calls the Tennessee Valley Authority for rural Internet, the latest infrastructure legislation will provide $65 Billion for creating internet access. Leo says it's sorely needed and will not only provide access for remote areas but also lower the price of the Internet for low-income families. But Leo worries that big corporations will pocket most of that money and do the minimum possible to meet those goals, meaning the goals of rural broadband won't really be met at all. Better for the money to go to local internet providers. 

Latest Phishing Scams Designed to Reverse a Bogus Charge on Credit Card


Episode 1843

There's a new email BOGO phishing scam that will advise that recipient that a purchase has been made for $500, and it must be confirmed. The idea is to get a user to call in and give the credit card number. They will then say they've reversed the charge, but in reality, you've given them your credit card number and three-digit code. Then they can charge on it.