This Week in Tech News

Apple's October Mac Event Monday

Apple Unleashed

Episode 1838

To kick off the holiday shopping season, Apple will be holding its October event tomorrow, and the speculation is that new MacBook Pros, a Mac Mini, and AirPods 3 will be announced. There is also a rumor that a completely redesigned AppleTV will also be previewed. The second-generation Apple Silicon processor is also believed to be called the M1 Pro and M1 Max respectively. And users are hoping that a 27" M1 iMac will also be shown. Maybe.

Instagram Influence Wanes Amongst the Young


Episode 1838

Although Facebook spent billions acquiring Instagram, the social media photo site has been steadily losing its influence amongst teens in favor of Tick Tock and Snapchat. Leo says it's a natural trend progression, as teens seek their own space. But adults will eventually follow, prompting teens to move on to the next big thing.

Dead End In San Francisco Attracting Waymo Cars


Episode 1837

For some strange reason, Waymo Cars are flocking to a certain dead-end street in San Francisco. Some days, there are up to 50 of the self-driving cars going into the dead end, turning around and exiting!  And it happens all day long. Leo says it has to be a bug in the mapping software, but at least they are crashing into the dead end. But it's pretty funny. 

Canon Sued Over All-in-One Printers That Don't Scan When Out of Ink


Episode 1837

Canon's Pixma all-in-one printer seems like a good bargain, but when the printer runs out of ink, the scanner stops working. And the only way to fix it is to buy more ink and refill it. Now there's a $5 million class-action lawsuit over it, citing that an all-in-one printer isn't really all in one, if the other functions of the printer (copy and scanner) stop working, although they have nothing to do with empty ink tanks.

New iPhone 13 Gets Solid Reviews. However...

iPhone 13

Episode 1836

The reviews are in for the new iPhone 13, and they are largely favorable. However, the performance boost of the new A15 processor is really only about 10%. But the battery life is vastly improved and is probably the best feature of the new iPhone. Still, Leo says that we've probably reached the point where upgrading to the latest and greatest every time is really a waste of money. Only get a new phone when you absolutely need to. 

Facebook Whistleblower Testifies Before Congress

Frances Haugen

Episode 1835

Saying that Facebook's lack of proper policing is a subject of severe concern, whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress this week. Haugen says that Facebook isn't doing enough to self-regulate what content appears on the social media site Haugen also says that Facebook's algorithms are designed to increase user engagement, by boosting dopamine in the brain. Much like a drug. This makes users want to stay on, no matter how bad the experience can be.

Leo isn't sure that government regulation is the answer though, in lieu of the first amendment. 

Expose Proves Social Media Is Bad for Teens, and Facebook Knows It


Episode 1833

A magazine expose came out this week that says that social media is bad for teens, and makes their melancholy worse. And Facebook knows it. Leo wonders if this could be part of the reason why the social media giant killed their Facebook for Kids this week. Meanwhile, Facebook just keeps doing what they're doing, which includes proof that they seek to addict people to the platform.

Netflix Reports Record Viewership


Episode 1833

Netflix reported this week that nearly 100 million viewers are tuning into their original programming, including The Witcher, and others. Leo says that streaming is apparently a thing!

ScarJo Settles with Disney Over Black Widow Streaming Profits

Black Widow

Episode 1833

Scarlett Johannson has announced this week that she has settled her lawsuit with Disney over profits on Black Widow. Leo says that the big question is "how much did Disney give her?" Rumors suggest that Disney may have cut a check around $40 million for the Marvel star, which is around what ScarJo would have made if the film had exclusively been released in theaters. And even in limited release, it was one of the most successful films of 2021 so far.

Increased Demand for Products During Pandemic Causing Port Backup

 Port of Los Angeles

Episode 1833

Nearly 150 container ships off the coast of the Port of Los Angeles are waiting for entry to offload their cargo, in spite of increased efforts to clear the backload. Some are quarantined with crew infections of Covid, but mostly, it's the Port of LA straining to keep up with unprecedented demand. Ships are being docked and unloaded at record speed, but the ships just keep coming, prompting a backlog that isn't going to abate any time soon.