This Week in Tech News

Microsoft Announces New Surface Products

Episode 1831

This week, Microsoft had a Surface event, announcing new products including the Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro Laptop, and the Surface Duo. The Duo is like a book, with two screens that share the OS. This is the second generation of the Duo, and it'll be interesting to see if Microsoft addressed the issues that prompted Leo to return the first gen Duo. 

Leo Decides Not Worth Upgrading to the iPhone 13

Episode 1831

Leo says that the upgrades in the iPhone 13 are so incremental, that it's probably not worth upgrading to, even if you have an iPhone 11. Sure, there's better battery life, and about 10% more performance, and the camera now has cinematic mode. But is that worth paying over $1000 for a new phone when you have one that's perfectly good? Leo doesn't think so. Unless you have an old iPhone, like an iPhone 6, then it's high time to upgrade. But moving from 12-13? Save your money.

First All Civilian Crew Aboard SpaceX Capsule Return Home

Inspiration 4 Crew

Episode 1830

Inspiration 4, the first all civilian crew to go up into space, returned safely to home yesterday, splashing down in the Atlantic after a three-day adventure in earth's orbit. The mission raised over $200 million for St Jude's Children's Hospital while doing it. You can watch a documentary about the mission and crew on Netflix, it's called "Countdown".

iPhone 13 Launches, Leo Skips the Upgrade

iPhone 13 Pro

Episode 1830

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, with about 10% faster and greater battery life. But for the first time, Leo has decided to skip the upgrade. Just not enough to spend over a thousand dollars a year after buying the iPhone 12.

US Decides to Get Serious About Ransomware


Episode 1830

The US Government has decided to get serious about ransomware, with several new initiatives including sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations to prevent bad guys from profiting through cryptocurrency. The government will go after any crypto exchanges that support bad guys. According to Baracuda, a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds in the world.

Apple's iPhone 13 Has Longer Battery Life, But ...


Episode 1829

Apple's new iPhone 13 is faster, has better graphics, an improved camera with macro, and even better battery life. But Leo says that while it's a great phone, should you rush out and buy one? Well, if you have an iPhone 12, it's not really necessary to buy one. But if you want all-day battery life and are ready to upgrade, then it's a good one to get.

Meanwhile, a new Apple Watch Series 7 was also announced with about 40% more screen real estate. But it has the same processor as the Series 6. When do you get it? No one knows.

Apple’s Victory Is More of a Tie in Epic Legal Ruling

Epic Games

Episode 1828

Apple declared victory this week as a judge ruled that the app store is not a monopoly, but it fell short in prohibiting Epic from offering sales outside of the app store. The judge ruled that while Apple technically won the argument, Epic has the right to direct their customers to their own website to sell digital assets, thereby avoiding paying Apple a 30% fee on any in-app purchases. But Apple can also ban Epic and Fortnite from the app store, so don't look for the app to return any time soon.

Apple Event Tuesday Hints at New iPhone

Apple Event

Episode 1827

This Tuesday, Apple will be having another event, which is expected to showcase the latest iPhone. Presumably called the iPhone 13. Leo says that it's likely that Apple will showcase four new phone models, as well as a new Apple Watch, and AirPods 3. They will also likely announced iOS 15. But Leo says not to expect new Macs until a separate event in October.