This Week in Tech News

Tuesday's Apple Event to Feature New iPads and More

Apple Spring Loaded Event

Episode 1789

Leo says that the credible rumors insist that this Tuesday's Apple Spring Forward Event will most likely feature new iPads, including an iPad Pro and iPad Mini. But it may also finally announce Apple's Location Tags, which could also support third-party tags as well. Leo is surprised by this, but it's welcome if true.

Biden Administration Meeting with Silicon Valley over CHIP Shortage

Episode 1788

With the ongoing chip shortage facing the US, the president is meeting with silicon valley and other technology executives to see what can be done to improve the availability of computer chips. Leo says that covid19 is only part of the problem, as an extreme high demand based on computers being put in just about everything is causing the ongoing shortage. The demand is exponential, and everyone was caught off guard. So the shortage will last at least a couple of years.

iPads with MiniLED and LIDAR Expected at This Week's Apple Event

Episode 1788

This week's coming Apple Event is expected to announce new ipads with miniLED displays and LIDAR. The displays will provide better resolution, color gamut and dynamic range, while the LIDAR will provide 3d information for creating 3d models, and do computational photography, as well as augmented reality. 

Microsoft Announces Kids Mode for EDGE Browser

Episode 1788

Now that EDGE has replaced Internet Explorer as Microsoft's default browser, the company has announced a new Kids mode that can be turned on in the settings. There are two modes based on age .... 5-8, and 9-12, which can whitelist various websites and block others.  Leo says that whitelisting will help parents to prevent their kids from going to sites they don't want them to visit. If a kid wants to go to a page that's not on the White List, a parent can be asked for permission. 

Router Manufacturers Delayed A Year Due to Chip Shortage

Computer Chip

Episode 1787

An ongoing chip shortage is causing many industries to fall behind in manufacturing. From cars to computers. The latest is router manufacturers, which are over a year delayed. What is the problem? It's multi-faceted. Covid is part of it. High Demand is another. There's a shortage of silicon right now. But it's also that container ship that was stuck in the Suez. But it's also an exclusive deal that Apple has made with some chip manufacturers which bought up all their stock. And even then, Mac and iPad production has been delayed. Additionally, there have been fires at several factories.

Google and Samsung Developing a New Chip for Mobile Phones

Mobile Processor

Episode 1785

Google and Samsung are in the midst of developing a new chip for their mobile phone platforms. Qualcomm has dominated the mobile phone processor category for years, but Apple began to move away in favor of their own iOS-based processors, which became the foundation for the M1 design. Now Google and Samsung are making the same move, taking mobile processor development in house.

Apple Set to Announce New iPads and iMacs

iPad Pro

Episode 1785

In addition to the upgraded A14X processor (which is the M1 processor for iPads), Apple is set to announce new iPads this month, and Leo says that they could also be bringing mini LEDs to their displays. Additionally, there may be 32" M1 iMacs coming by the Worldwide Developer's Conference in June. The new iMac is rumored to have up to 20 cores, 16 high performance, and 4 proficiency.

Google Again Skips April Fool's Day


Episode 1784

Saying again that it's not the time to mislead on April Fool's Day, Google has once again skipped it. The real problem comes when April Fool's jokes become indistinguishable from a real story. When it's obvious, it can be quite funny. But when it isn't: Leo says maybe it's time to say goodbye to April Fool's Day, for good.

Hackers Encrypting Universities and Companies with Ransomware


Episode 1784

The Clop Ransomware Team has attempted to encrypt networks from Universities around the country and threatened to release sensitive data. Colorado University sent out notifications this week that their network had been breached with ransomware, taking personal information and clinical data with a  demand of $10 million in bitcoin. Leo says if you were a student at any of those universities, look for a notice advising you of the breach. Companies that have also been hacked include Kroger and Shell Oil.