This Week in Tech News

Apple Stock Surges Ahead of First Quarter Results


Episode 1765

Apple stock has surged to an all-time high before publishing first-quarter results this week. Leo says that Apple's profit is hitting over $120 billion this quarter, fresh off high sales of the iPhone 12, iPads, and Apple subscription services launched in the last half of 2020. 

Alphabet (Google) Grounds Loon


Episode 1764

Alphabet launched Project Loon, where they would bring the world broadband internet with weather balloons. It launched in 2013, and this week Google announced it was ending the program. They did use it during natural disasters in Central America and Africa, bringing short term internet to the regions during the first few days. But problems cropped up immediately as people couldn't afford the equipment, or simply wasn't interested. Then there's the fact that you can't really control the wind pushing weather balloons all over.

Australian Law Could Require Google To Pay News Agencies for Article Snippets in Search


Episode 1764

The Australian Parlament is considering a law that will require search engines like Google to pay news agencies for publishing snippets of articles in their search results. Google says that if the bill becomes law, they may have no choice but to pull Google search out of the continent. Leo says that's not necessarily a bad thing, as it would open up competing search engines like Bing and Duck Duck Go for others to use.

Happy 13th Anniversary to the iPhone

Gen 1 iPhone

Episode 1761

Thirteen years ago, Apple introduced an Internet communicator, iPod, and a Mobile Phone, known as the iPhone. Three devices in one. Leo says that smartphones were a struggling category at the time, attempting to go up against the juggernaut known as Blackberry. With the iPhone's launch, the smartphone's place in technological history was secured, and Blackberry is just a footnote.

Elon Musk is now the Richest Man in the World


Episode 1760

With Tesla's stock skyrocketing, Elon Musk has surpassed Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world. Leo thinks that Tesla's success may be what's pushing Apple to develop their own electric car.

Meanwhile, Elon is going to Mars.

CES to be Virtual via Zoom This Year. But Why Bother?


Episode 1760

The annual consumer electronics show, known as CES, will be virtual this year with presentations via Zoom. Does Leo say "why even bother?" More companies are doing their own thing and doing it year-round. So why even waste the time? Let companies do their own thing.