James DeRuvo

James DeRuvo
Los Angeles, CA

This month, we highlight the man behind the Tech Guy Labs show notes, James Deruvo. He works hard every weekend to take down all the show notes live, as the show airs.

James has a multi-faceted career spanning radio, film, and publishing. A writer about technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James is also an award winning film director. He received a Tell Award for his short film, "Searching for Inspiration".

He's worked as a producer of many talk radio programs in Los Angeles since 2001 with topics including entertainment, travel, and technology. His radio experience goes back all the way to 1984 though, when he hosted his own radio show on a local station in Ventura County.

James found his way to TWiT after producing another computer talk show on KABC in Los Angeles. The show got cancelled when the station got sold, and James had been listening to Leo's show every weekend. He heard Leo mention that he lost his show notes person. James fired off an email right away since they had been corresponding on and off for several years, and the rest is history!

During the week, James is a blogger for DoddleNEWS.com, and the host of the podcast DoddleTALKS Technology. He also hosts a podcast on space history at ApolloTalks.com, and is a contributing travel reporter for OnTravel.com on the American Forces Radio Network.

Follow James on Twitter: @jgderuvo