Frequently Asked Questions

The Questions…

Q So who is this Leo?

My name is Leo Laporte. I’ve been doing technology-oriented talk radio longer than anyone currently on the air. I created the format in 1990 when I hosted a show on KNBR in San Francisco with well-known columnist John C. Dvorak.

I’ve been doing tech talk on the radio ever since on KNBR, KSFO, KGO, and KFI. In February 2007 my show was syndicated by the Premiere Networks.

In 1994 I started answering computer questions on TV and my shows Call for Help and The Screen Savers aired for six years on ZDTV and later TechTV. I no longer work on broadcast television, but I do nearly 30 hours a week of Internet video at You can read my full bio on my personal web site:

Q Can I listen to the show online?

You sure can. It airs from 11am - 2pm Pacific Time every Saturday and Sunday. An online stream is available from most of the stations that carry the show, including KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

Q How about old shows? Are they archived anywhere?

Yes. You'll find the video of past shows along with show notes and user comments in the Episodes section of the site . If you want to have each show automatically downloaded, you can subscribe to the podcast for free in iTunes.

Q How can I participate in the show?

The best way is to call in at 1–88–88-ASK LEO - toll free in the US. You can watch live video of the show at or listen with an Icecast compatible client (like iTunes) at There’s an IRC chat room at

Q What are some tips for getting on the radio show?

  1. Think of a question that will be interesting to the audience.
  2. Sound energetic and upbeat to the call screener -- Heather Hamann on Saturdays and Kim Schaffer on Sundays.
  3. If you’re on a cell phone, make sure you have a strong signal and if in the car, pull over for goodness sakes!
  4. Call as early in the show as possible, best time to call is just after the top of the first hour, 11a Pacific. If Leo is doing “extra hours” to record shows for when he is on vacation, call then.
  5. Relax and have a blast!

Q What are the chat rules?

The channel operators want the chat to be a nice safe place since it represents Leo and Premiere Radio Networks. As a result, please follow the rules found here:

Q Does Leo come into the chat?

Yes I do! My nick is “Leo.” I try to chat when there are news and commercial breaks, but don’t feel badly if I don’t respond. Doing a radio show, live ads, keeping track of the waiting callers, and researching answers to callers’ questions keeps me quite busy.

Q What is the role of the chat moderators?

The chat moderators are there to keep the channel focused, fun, and family friendly. Since the chat is a component of the show, they try to keep the chat on topic (which is anything related to technology or anything Leo mentions) but an occasional off topic conversation about food or a baseball game is OK.

Q Who are the chat moderators?

The moderators vary depending on schedule. Moderators are indicated by a different color or icon depending on your chat software.