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Episode 1742

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Good software for incremental backups on your hard drive, why your printer doesn't allow third-party ink cartridges, troubleshooting a printer not connecting to your network, saving photos with the date it was taken using metadata, troubleshooting a dead hard drive, talking to Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt, and more of your calls!

Episode 1741

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Financial results for Facebook and Apple, transferring Firefox settings to a new computer, the beginning of "Black Friday" deals with Scott Wilkinson, why is my computer slowing down when I scan an image? Recording a podcast, travel updates with Johnny Jet, running Linux on a Mac, looking out for scams, is Microsoft Edge safe? extending a Wi-Fi signal, the return of vinyl with the GizWiz and more of your calls!

Episode 1740

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The various 'Office' application options available and which one is the best choice, what will take place of Google Hangouts, how eBay knows what one caller bought on Amazon, verifying if an Apple cinema display is working, has my Facebook account been hacked, why one caller's laptop is shutting off with 60% reported battery life, controlling an Amazon Fire TV remotely, Leo plays Animal Crossing and more of your calls!

Episode 1739

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The new Windows update is here! Apple releases the new 5g iPhone 12, Quibi is shutting down, Microsoft Office alternatives, how to watch the World Series in 4K HDR, archiving old hard drives, how to help someone who thinks they've been hacked, Johnny Jet: is it safe to travel? The Giz Wiz reviews the Wyze Band fitness tracker and more of your calls!

Episode 1738

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Making sure of IKEA wireless speakers, computer suggestions for recording audio, the deal with Apple's product life cycles, can a modem overheat, troubleshooting YouTube TV playback, connecting a GoPro without a smartphone, and more of your calls!

Episode 1737

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Scott Wilkinson returns to talk about the iPhone 12 Pro shooting in Dolby Vision high dynamic range and Vizio releasing an OLED TV, some ways to stop spam text messages from coming in, is there a way to connect your computer to a Bluetooth radio, why Apple is moving away from Intel, what happened to a caller's photo contacts losing their names, is there a way to sync hand-written notes to the cloud, and more of your calls!

Episode 1736

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Upgrading your macOS operating system in order, organizing and backup all of your photos in the cloud, how hot can thumb drives get, the ways to posting episodes of your own podcast, making your own ring tone, Leo shares some great images of Steve Martin who called in on the previous episode, talking with Sam Abuelsamid, and more of your calls!

Episode 1735

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Issues sending texts via Google Voice, what to do with an expired gift card, options for the fastest internet in a remote area, helping Steve Martin stopping emails from going into his spam filter, kind of bandwidth needed for an RV, a quick review of the Amazon Halo with Doctor Mom, The Giz Wiz and the Solo Studio, and more of your calls!

Episode 1734

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Should I wait for Apple Silicon to buy a MacBook Pro?

Routing audio from a Chromecast to your stereo system, SpinRite troubleshooting, unable to access my email through Apple Mail, can you clone a hard drive if it's bigger than the new drive, getting better deals for your cable service, talking to Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt, and more of your calls!

Episode 1733

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Google announces new Pixel phones with 5g, upgrading your home network, have I been scammed? What's new in home theater projectors with Scott Wilkinson, Upgrading an old computer or just get a new one, boosting the dialogue on your TV, saving data from a bad flash drive, finding a phone with better audio, using a VPN on a Chromebook, freeing up space on your mobile phone, and more of your calls!