Why can't I view my photos in Windows?

Episode 999 (1:38:36)

Art from West L.A., CA

Art is unable to view his photos, and he keeps getting image database errors. Leo says that it appears to be a Microsoft generated error and what they do is look at a folder with photos and show thumbnails. So the thumbnail database may be corrupted. It could be that the data is there, or there could be a more serious hard drive issue. Art's wondering if trying a system rollback would help, and Leo says it couldn't hurt.

First, he should open a command line and navigate to the folder to see if he can see the images. Click start > Run > type "CMD" > hit enter. That will open a DOS shell and he can type "CD" and then the link to the directory. Then 'DIR' to view the list. If they're not there, then there's a more serious issue.