How can I locate my stolen iPhone?

Episode 999 (56:44)

Richard from Thousand Oaks, CA

Richard's son had his phone stolen yesterday, and wants to know if there's a way he can track it. Leo says that in order to track the phone, he would have to have enabled the "find my phone" feature in the settings. That would enable him to locate it online and forward that information to the police. It also enables him to remotely wipe the phone. He can also press a button that will emit a loud tone making it very easy to locate.

Leo advises not tracking down the phone because he may live to regret that. Let the police handle it, if they will. Phones get stolen a lot. The NYPD used to track down phones, but these days with limited budgets, police won't respond unless someone gets hurt. His best bet is to wipe the phone and call his carrier to ask them to "brick it."